DeVerl Stoddard Unveils New Historical Novel “Sawtelle”

Sawtelle by Deverl Stoddard

REXEURG, IDAHO, UNITED STATES, June 3, 2024 / — A Captivating Tale of Idaho’s Sawtelle Mountain and Its Rich Legends

DeVerl Stoddard, an esteemed figure renowned for his significant contributions to the construction industry and literature, is thrilled to announce the release of his latest book, Sawtelle. This compelling historical novel delves into the rich legends surrounding Idaho’s Sawtelle Mountain, blending history and storytelling through the engaging narrative of Montezuma and Cortez.

A Journey Through History

Sawtelle takes readers on a journey back in time, exploring the fascinating and often mysterious events that shaped the region. Through the character of Mario, Stoddard weaves a tale that is both captivating and educational. Readers will gain insights into the lives and experiences of the people who lived in the shadow of western exploration, bringing the past to life in vivid detail.

Educational and Entertaining

The book not only entertains with its intriguing plot, but also educates, offering readers a window into the historical essence of the area. Stoddard’s meticulous research and passion for history shine’s through in this narrative, making Sawtelle a valuable addition to any historical fiction collection.

Available in Multiple Formats

Sawtelle is now available in multiple formats, including hardcover, paperback, and eBook, making it accessible to a wide range of readers. Whether you prefer the tactile experience of a physical book or the convenience of a digital copy, Sawtelle offers a format that suits your needs.

For those interested in exploring the legends and history of Idaho’s Sawtelle Mountain, Sawtelle by DeVerl Stoddard is a must-read. The book is available for purchase on Amazon at

About the Author

DeVerl Stoddard is recognized for his dual contributions to the construction industry and literature. His passion for history and storytelling has led him to write several books that explore historical themes and events. Stoddard’s unique perspective and thorough research make his works both engaging and informative, appealing to a broad audience of readers.

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