“Customer Centricity in Hospitality” by Upendra Gulrajani is Now Available on Amazon

In this book, Upendra Gulrajani offers insights into customer satisfaction in hospitality, focusing on building customer relationships.

EDISON, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, March 16, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — NextGen Hotels & Resorts’ founder and CEO, Upendra Gulrajani, released a new book titled Customer Centricity in Hospitality, offering a practical approach to customer satisfaction in the industry. Upendra Gulrajani, an author with extensive experience in the hospitality sector, shares valuable insights, stories, and advice to help enhance customer satisfaction. With a broad audience in mind, the book simplifies the idea of customer centricity, showcasing it as a targeted approach to satisfy customers and enhance their overall satisfaction.

In the book, Upendra Gulrajani introduces customer-centricity by drawing on examples from the industry. The book highlights the approaches of some of the prominent names such as LEVA Hotels and Resorts in the UAE, Cygnett Hotels and Resorts in India, AGA Hotels, and Wabi Sabi Stays, showcasing how these chains have focused on customer satisfaction to stand out in competitive markets.

“Customer Centricity in Hospitality” explores the necessity of placing customers at the heart of business decisions and operations. Through stories from these hotel chains, Gulrajani illustrates how a dedication to customer needs leads to positive outcomes, such as LEVA’s top ranking on TripAdvisor among Dubai hotels for an extended period.

This book emphasizes the role of human connection in customer service, advocating for businesses to understand and relate to their customers on a personal level. It stresses the importance of continuous team training to maintain a customer-focused mindset across the organization.

With a career that spans leadership roles in hospitality across India and North America, Mr. Gulrajani brings a wealth of knowledge. His accolades include the Man of Excellence Award (2023), Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2022), and International Achievers Award, recognizing his contribution to the hospitality industry (source).

Mr. Gulrajani’s passion for improving customer experience is evident throughout the book, which serves as a guide for creating meaningful and lasting customer relationships. “In our journey through hospitality, the most enduring successes come from understanding and valuing our customers’ experiences. This book is a reflection of that belief and a guide for those who strive to place their customers at the heart of everything they do,” says Upendra Gulrajani

“Customer Centricity in Hospitality” aims to equip readers with the tools needed to transform their customer service approach, encouraging hospitality businesses to focus on building loyalty and turning customers into advocates.

For those eager to transform their approach to customer service and carve a niche in the hospitality sector, “Customer Centricity in Hospitality” by Upendra Gulrajani is now available for purchase on Amazon.

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