Christina Roberson-Smeltzer Achieves Amazon Best-Seller Status with “Success Redefined,” Co-Authored with Jack Canfield

Best Selling Author – Christina Roberson-Smeltzer

CHICAGO, IL, USA, February 7, 2024 / — In a remarkable collaboration, Christina Roberson-Smeltzer has teamed up with renowned author Jack Canfield and a distinguished group of professionals from around the world to co-author the transformative book, “Success Redefined,” published by CelebrityPress®. This eagerly awaited book made its debut on February 1st, 2024.

Upon its release, Success Redefined surged on the Amazon best-sellers charts, attaining remarkable positions and securing the coveted #1 New Release spot in two distinct categories! Furthermore, it has achieved impressive rankings, hitting best-seller status in Direct Marketing, Sales and Selling, as well as in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and the Marketing and Sales categories. These exceptional accomplishments emphasize the quality and value of Success Redefined, highlighting its impact and resonance with readers.

Christina’s invaluable chapter, titled, “Silencing the Mirror”, has played a pivotal role in the book’s exceptional success.

Meet Christina Roberson-Smeltzer:

With a heart devoted to serving others, Christina Roberson- Smeltzer thrives in roles where she is able to hold space, offer a listening ear, and provide accountability. Following lingering feelings of loneliness and the haunting reality of not fitting in during childhood, Christina’s journey to adulthood began with a desire to improve and deepen the connections in her life. She pursued this goal both actively and subconsciously through multiple avenues.

During high school, she found an unexpected ally. Cosmetology became her chosen path, her outlet. Through her years in the Beauty industry she found a sense of community and discovered her own self-confidence, as well as how to inspire others to do the same. She developed a love for uplifting and supporting others, as she continued on her own journey of self-awareness and self-improvement. This eventually led to Christina becoming a Certified Professional Coach and founding her own coaching company and co-founding a nonprofit focused on Mental Health for youth.

As the founder of Discover A Better You, LLC and co-founder of Heart-Centered Matters, she focuses on building positive and lasting relationships, teaching essential life principles to people of all ages.

Christina, also known as ‘The Coach Christina,’ is an Entrepreneur who has been known to wear many hats, including Cosmetologist, Founder, CEO, Matchmaker, Coach, and Author. However, first and foremost, she is a mom and wife.

Christina’s latest venture goes beyond her normal scope, expressing her values and beliefs through apparel. Her impactful line, Legacy Leaders, aims to raise awareness, empower others to find their voice, and advocate for causes they hold dear. Domestic Abuse Awareness, Equality, Empowerment, Mental Health Awareness, Giving Back and Anti-bullying are just a few causes Christina embraces and supports through Legacy Leaders.

Although her primary focuses are coaching and writing, wherever Christina’s path takes her, you can be sure it involves enriching relationships, personal development, and heart-centered causes.

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