Cherice TyRhonda Peagler’s Inspiring Journey Featured in Exclusive TV Interview with Logan Crawford

Cherice (mom) and Cameron taking a walk down the track.

Spotlight TV with Logan Crawford

Cherice presents Candy Apples and second book Seeds of Faith

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LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA, USA, September 6, 2023/ — — We are thrilled to announce the release of an inspiring video that shines a spotlight on the incredible journey of Cherice TyRhonda Peagler, a true exemplar of perseverance, determination, and achievement. This exclusive TV interview, hosted by renowned journalist Logan Crawford, is now available for viewing on YouTube at

Cherice TyRhonda Peagler’s story is one of triumph over adversity, resilience in the face of challenges, and an unwavering commitment to pursuing one’s dreams. In this captivating TV interview, Logan Crawford delves into the remarkable life of Cherice, chronicling her rise from humble beginnings to becoming a shining beacon of inspiration for countless individuals around the world.

The interview sheds light on Cherice’s early life struggles and the formidable obstacles she overcame, showcasing her indomitable spirit that refused to succumb to adversity. Through personal insights and compelling visuals, viewers will be taken on a profound journey through Cherice’s life, witnessing the pivotal moments that shaped her into the powerhouse of success she is today.

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“Candy Apples,” as featured in the interview, is a poignant reminder of the values of honesty, integrity, and the virtue of delayed gratification. Cherice TyRhonda Peagler’s story serves as a testament to the principle that one’s character is refined through life’s challenges. It encourages us all not to grow weary in doing good, for those who prove trustworthy in small matters can be entrusted with greater responsibilities.

“Candy Apples” is a compelling narrative that serves as a poignant reminder of the virtues of honesty, integrity, and the value of delayed gratification. This tale imparts a valuable lesson, encouraging individuals not to falter in their pursuit of virtuous deeds. It reinforces the principle that those who prove trustworthy in handling smaller responsibilities can also be relied upon with greater ones.

In “Candy Apples,” our protagonist, Cameron, faces a compelling challenge presented by his friends, one that seemingly contradicts the principles he has been taught. Cameron is afforded the opportunity to meticulously weigh the situation at hand, contemplating the potential rewards and consequences associated with each choice he might make. This story serves as a valuable resource for parents, guardians, and mentors, providing them with a toolkit of thought-provoking questions to engage in meaningful discussions with children, aimed at nurturing the development of the essential character trait—integrity.

Through this narrative, children receive a vivid illustration of a real-life scenario where they must make a positive decision, even in the face of peer influence, alongside a trustworthy adult figure. “Candy Apples” aims to initiate constructive dialogues between adults and children, fostering an awareness of the significance of cultivating positive character traits. This literary work not only suggests questions to facilitate healthy decision-making but also stands as an accessible tool for older children seeking personal character growth. Moreover, it offers a precious opportunity for guardians or mentors to share this enriching experience by reading together, strengthening their bond, and spending quality time in the process.

Cherice TyRhonda Peagler, a dedicated mental health counselor and a loving mother to her six-year-old son, finds profound fulfillment in her profession. Her work in the counseling field allows her to guide individuals through life’s trials, celebrate moments of joy, and equip them with the essential tools to pursue a fulfilling life—one that is marked by good health, happiness, balance, and productivity.

Cherice’s motivation stems from the profound influence of her son, who was just three years old when “Candy Apples” was penned. Witnessing her child’s growth and development fuels her determination to foster emotional equilibrium, even amidst life’s formidable challenges. Her passion lies in assisting parents and their children, providing them with valuable resources to sharpen their problem-solving skills, navigate conflicts constructively, and cultivate a healthy circle of influence. Cherice is driven by the vision of empowering families to lead emotionally balanced and harmonious lives.

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TV Interview of Cherice TyRhonda Peagler with Logan Crawford

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