CB Anslie’s “Children of Light”

Children of Light (3rd Edition)

Carol Baldwin

“Children of Light” explores memory & connection through Rae’s journey, uncovering ancient visions & familial gifts. A tale of destiny & discovery.

USA, March 28, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — CB Anslie’s latest novel, “Children of Light,” now in its 3rd edition, stands as a notable exploration of memory’s power and human connections’ essence. The narrative weaves mystical elements with the complexities of human experiences, presenting a literary work that engages with its thematic depth.

The story centers on Rae Arrowson, a young girl on the verge of unraveling ancient visions, marking the beginning of her journey into self-discovery. Guided by the wisdom passed down through generations, Rae, along with her father Carl, navigates a path where the past and future meet, illustrating the potential of human connections that transcend time.

Set against the backdrop of daily life, “Children of Light” challenges the perceived boundaries of reality. It prompts considerations of destiny and coincidence through a blend of engaging storytelling and philosophical inquiry.

Key characters, including Rae Arrowson and Father John Redman, enrich the narrative. Rae embodies the potential of youth with her emerging visionary gifts, while Father John, with his blend of logic and compassion, anchors the story in the tangible aspects of human emotion and thought.

“Children of Light” offers a narrative that blurs the lines between past, present, and future, proposing that the essence of our existence lies in the connections we form, both visible and beyond our immediate perception.

The Moving Words review stated: “Children of Light” is a unique premise that uncovers the power of collective memories. The author does a great job of showcasing the concept through the characters’ dialogue, particularly in scenes including Father John Redman. Despite the premise having the potential to build a horror story, it was great to see the author take the story’s direction to an unexpected turn instead by focusing on relationships and the age-old debate of “destiny vs. coincidence.”

Now available on Amazon, “Children of Light” appeals to readers fascinated by memory’s mysteries, the essence of connections, and the untapped possibilities within.

CB Anslie is emerging as a distinctive voice in contemporary fiction, merging mystical elements with everyday realities. Her work invites readers to ponder life’s broader questions, showcasing her storytelling skills and commitment to examining the human condition.

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