Author Tracy Emerick Embarks on a Thoughtful Exploration of Notable Figures in Compelling Book

Extreme Entrepreneurs: Steve Jobs and Jesus Christ by Tracy Emerick

‘Extreme Entrepreneurs: Steve Jobs and Jesus Christ’ discusses, examines, and compares the great impact of two universally known names who redefined leadership

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 28, 2023 / — Prepare to explore on an extraordinary literary journey that promises to captivate and enlighten. In the forthcoming book authored by Tracy Emerick, readers will be taken on a deep exploration of the profound potential individuals possess to shape the world. The title of this intriguing work, “Extreme Entrepreneurs: Steve Jobs and Jesus Christ“, hints at the unconventional perspective Emerick brings to two iconic figures, Steve Jobs and Jesus Christ. Within the pages of this book, Emerick portrays them as “extreme entrepreneurs”, individuals whose impact extends far beyond the conventional boundaries of their respective fields.

This book invites readers on a thought-provoking journey, encouraging them to contemplate the profound contributions of these extraordinary individuals. It delves into their unique abilities not only to alter the course of history but also to shape the very essence of existence. The captivating narrative illuminates how Steve Jobs and Jesus Christ, in their distinct realms, have left an indelible mark on human progress and spirituality.

Veritas Vincit, a reader, points out how this “thesis on leadership and purpose” is an “unexpected delight, despite not being an overly spiritual person”. He continues on how the book “begins with a basic overview of being an entrepreneur, including characteristics that frequently define success, early examples of entrepreneurs, and then the titular portion—extreme entrepreneurs” and proceeds to touch on how the middle chapters “alternates pieces of spirituality and philosophy with Jobs’ approach and life history, and then does a similar thing with the legendary story of Christ and the dominant global religion he inspired”.

He commends Emerick’s powerful point on “what fuels the masses” as he identifies clever parallels between the two men and he peels back “the secrets of their success”.

“Unlike so many other books that attempt to modernize or update Christian ideals for a new generation, this one effortlessly achieves it through logic and legitimate research. Not relying on any spiritual abstractions to prove the point in a Christian-leaning book is rare, but Emerick pulls it off with ease. With more than a billion global iPhone users and more than a billion practicing Christians, the pairing of these two men is natural—and the lessons to be learned from their similarities are highlighted neatly in this smart read.”, Veritas concludes.

Tracy Emerick, PhD, the brilliant author of this book, possesses an illustrious career encompassing marketing, business development, and consulting. Having led a direct marketing agency for two decades, Emerick has firmly established himself as an industry authority. Additionally, he has generously imparted his knowledge through teaching at multiple graduate-level institutions. With a marriage spanning fifty-three years, two children, and five grandchildren, Emerick’s unique blend of personal and professional experiences enriches the insights in his work.

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