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Vision Zero PHX, was: PD: Driver kills man on sidewalk

The “Brown Cloud”, unhealthy air air pollution, is a frequent customer to Phoenix.

4/23/2019 ~ 11pm victim Thomas Taraba and one other individual have been walking on the sidewalk along McDowell Street near 37th Road. Police say river 20-year-old Zachary Showers was the driving force; he was arrested on suspicion of DUI

“According to court documents, Taraba was thrown 75 feet” indicating the driving force’s velocity was very fast, maybe too fast for any metropolis road.

Vision Zero

Paradoxically, a number of hours earlier than Taraba was killed, the Phoenix metropolis council rejected a plan to simply research the right way to make metropolis streets safer. Councilperson Sal DiCiccio voted to reject the plan, in a way forged the deciding vote (since it was Four-4). DiCiccio, staying true to type, issued inflammatory, and misleading, rhetoric Phoenix needs to make streets safer. But councilman sees hidden motive:

But Phoenix Councilman Sal DiCiccio posted an “urgent alert” concerning the street-safety plan on Fb earlier than the vote, warning that government is coming in your automotive.

“Proponents of this insane scheme,” he warns, “want to … make driving as difficult as possible and slowly force people out of their cars” by “slowing traffic to a crawl.”
DiCiccio claims Phoenix will comply with the lead of Boston, where that city’s Vision Zero plan reduce velocity limits to 25 miles per hour.

DiCiccio’s posted this together with an image of a 15mph velocity limit sign; along with the claim that taxes would doubtless double. Double!? Which taxes are these? the fuel taxes that already, for decades, can’t pay for the roads? As talked about earlier than, DiCiccio appears to hate something in transportation that’s not a personal vehicle (“Light rail brings nothing but crime and blight to our neighborhoods“). He sees a sort of cabal at work, a “… handful of ‘Urbanist’ social engineers” who’re “pushing this mess”. He additionally, oddly, claims the spike in pedestrian fatalities since 2014 is brought on by Phoenix’s “crumbling” roads — which might be the other of true, however in any occasion has no basis the truth is.

In another little bit of spin (unsure by whom?), the claim was the plan, imaginative and prescient zero, would solely improve pedestrian visitors safety, which is not true; Vision Zero seeks to attenuate all visitors damage and deaths, not just pedestrians. Nearly all of those killed and injured on Phoenix streets are motorists. So clearly all street consumer modes will profit from a visitors security enchancment:

2010-2017 (Phoenix metropolis only, excludes Freeway/DPS)
motorists killed 646; non-motorists (principally peds) killed 558
motorists injured 97,555; non-motorists (once more, principally peds) injured 7,943

As a notice, the Metropolis of Tempe adopted a vision zero decision (that is, a plan to plan; very similar to the decision earlier than the Phoenix Metropolis Council) over a yr in the past. Velocity limits in Tempe remain above 25, the truth is no velocity restrict has been changed; and the one end result within the draft plan can be for road’s employees to guage present limits, which is in fact one thing road employees does anyway. Arterials in Tempe, like Phoenix have 40 to 45mph velocity limits.

Air pollution & Velocity

As surprising as over a thousand fatalities simply on Phoenix city streets over the past 8 years as noted above, unhealthy air like results in much more deaths from respiratory, and coronary heart illness that in any other case wouldn’t occur…

In the meantime it was just lately reported that Phoenix Air Will get an ‘F’; Phoenix has a long-standing, ongoing, worsening amount of unhealthy air. In case it needs to be pointed out, car toxic emissions (from burning gasoline) are a big contributor

The poisonous fuel varieties when nitrogen oxides (NOx) and risky natural compounds (VOCs) react within the daylight. Mix a excessive volume of auto emissions — automobiles make up the most important supply of NOx and VOCs in Phoenix — with the Arizona desert’s plentiful sunshine and the result is a recipe for ozone.

DiCiccio’s master plan appears to contain getting more individuals into more automobiles; and simultaneously chopping congestion (presumably by making road ever-wider) which can end in quicker drive-times; parts of the plan are holding pesky pedestrians, scooters, bicycles, and light-rail (perhaps buses too?) out of the best way so ever-more drivers can, driving alone in fact, get where they’re going of their inner combustion engine powered car ever-faster. In fact slicing congestion, if that’s really a problem (and it definitely is most clearly on freeways at ‘rush’ hours — which are not beneath the management of metropolis of Phoenix), doesn’t remove poisonous emissions; they emit each time they’re operating; they emit at a decrease fee when operating optimally, but still emit.

VZ isn’t a few blanket velocity discount; it’s about decreasing peak motorist speeds; automobiles on floor streets can’t be pushed at fixed speeds in any case; greater peak speeds undoubtedly results in extra poisonous emissions from ICE because of the further acceleration invovled (which is when ICE emits most toxics). Metropolis surface streets are in contrast to highways, there are frequent causes of slowing as a consequence of turning visitors, getting into visitors, sluggish visitors (e.g. buses, vans, bicyclists), pedestrians crossing, and visitors alerts. Decreasing peak motorist speeds additionally leads to decreasing CO2 emissions (for those who care about that) / gasoline consumption for a similar reasons (the acceleration burns more gasoline).

To place it more briefly: the claim that probably the most environment friendly velocity for any specific automotive is, say, 40-60mph, is a purple herring because that is only true at a gentle velocity, which isn’t attainable on a metropolis road.

Full disclosure: I drive a zero tailpipe emission automotive (it’s electric), and my other ‘car’ is a motorcycle.

So the question or challenge of poisonous emissions (thus creating smog) is an inherent drawback with  ICE (inner combustion) emitting toxic pollution; it’s apparently true that “you can’t build your way out of congestion” though DiCiccio seems to need to attempt.

A commonly-heard declare about 85th percentile velocity as being “proven” to be safest, and a corollary that it’s truly ‘slow’ visitors that ’causes’ unsafe circumstances associated to hurry. These are cannards associated to the mis-interpretation, maybe willful?, of Solomon’s U-shaped curve. ; which relates relative crash danger to hurry on rural highways, where there are few intersections, and few street users aside from motor automobiles. When adjusted for situation widespread to metropolis streets, like visitors getting into/leaving the street, and turns the impact “largely disappears”; and the riskiest group are those traveling quickest.

Anyway, the kind of divisive rhetoric that DiCiccio indulges in isn’t helping anyone.

References to the Council Vote 4/23

  • Video of the assembly on ( video on youtube ) DiCiccio’s pothole feedback are around 1:25:10, though he mentions it more than as soon as.
  • Press launch on Councilman Nowakowski’s ‘no’ vote: “I am supportive of Mayor Gallego’s efforts to address pedestrian safety throughout the city of Phoenix…” I assumed his vote-explanation around 2:13:20 was fairly thoughtful; a real fence-sitter. He must be corrected in considering this can be a pedestrian-only drawback. As mentioned above, it’s an all road-user drawback; pedestrain security is simply probably the most acute drawback.
  • streetsblog had a reasonably good synopsis: “But rather than address the problem, the City Council caved to conspiratorial line of attack from bombastic Council Member Sal DiCiccio, who said that the Vision Zero plan would lead to lower speed limits across the city. He also argued that slower driving would (somehow) raise taxes. (Phoenix’s Vision Zero plan did not call for lowering speed limits across the city.) DiCissio also, without any evidence, said the whole problem could be blamed on potholes.”
  • Right here is the Arizona Republic article DiCiccio is complaining about: On Phoenix’s most harmful streets, little has been finished to deal with the pedestrian dying toll

DiCiccio’s facebook submit

Retrieved Four/25/2019; i want to let individuals read what he stated with out giving him clicks (trolls love clicks), his full submit is reproduced under; the picture was from his publish; the statement “The council is set to lower speed limits on every road in Phoenix to 25 mph or lower” This was simply not true; this was never on the council’s agenda… and posted together with an image of an indication that reads Maximum Velocity 15mph; so, including a layer of deception.

Councilman Sal DiCiccio
April 22 at 2:23 PM · 36
URGENT REMINDER: The council is about to decrease velocity limits on each street in Phoenix to 25 mph or lower. We’d like your help tomorrow to stop this dangerous policy!

We’d like YOU to return voice your opinion at the council assembly tomorrow at 2:30pm at 200 W Jefferson St. In the event you can’t make it to the meeting, you possibly can still make your voice heard! Name/e-mail your councilmembers now!

Vision zero failed on the Metropolis Council right now. What has also failed is a scarcity of leadership to repair our crumbling and harmful roads. If you want to save lives, repair the potholes and pave the damaging roads. It’s not a coincidence that our roads began to crumble in 2014 and the number of pedestrian deaths went up. That may be a reality. What can also be a serious failure is the media reporting on this. The Arizona Repubic didn’t even perceive the talk and have put collectively a pathetic and biased report. We ought to be shocked, but I’m not. This has been par for them to place their very own particular person bias into their reporting. So incredibly lame. Message to Arizona Republic: is there any attainable method you guys can put a veteran into this position?

UPDATE: The movement to approve Vision Zero failed 4-Four. Thank you to everybody who made your voices heard. Your efforts made the distinction.


With zero public discover, the Metropolis of Phoenix has put a plan on agenda referred to as “Vision Zero”. The main policy focus of this plan is an enormous discount in velocity limits across ALL metropolis streets.

Boston adopted this program a couple of years ago and lowered all Metropolis streets to 25MPH. When that didn’t work – and by “work” they mean eliminating ALL roadway fatalities – they developed a plan to scale back the velocity to 15MPH throughout their Metropolis core, and massively improve fines on drivers.

This can be a horrifically dangerous concept for the Metropolis of Phoenix. Here’s why:

1. First, and foremost, even the brief walks to public transit in lots of East Coast cities will not be one thing most people need to do in 100 diploma heat – and a good lot of individuals (the aged, those with disabilities, individuals with medical circumstances, and so on.) can’t do here.

2. We lack the density, and are still many years away from attaining it, to make mass transit an effective choice for most individuals on both a price and infrastructure basis.

3. The infrastructure spending required (an enormous variety of elevated pedestrian walkways and obstacles between the street and sidewalk) to maintain even a single Metropolis road accessible to car journey above 20MPH is cash we don’t have.

Four. We already have large, primary needs that we don’t have the funding for – like paying off our unfunded pension liabilities, sustaining our current infrastructure, hiring more cops and firefighters, and so forth. So Vision Zero will come with an enormous tax improve.

5. Slowing all visitors to a crawl will end in worth increases for almost every part, because the time and assets wanted to get merchandise on the shelves and food on plates goes up and is handed along to you.

Proponents of this insane scheme are clear: it will possibly only be passed by filling Council chambers with the victims and relations of accidents, and by mendacity concerning the intent of this system. They need to pressure everyone out of automobiles. They will’t sell their REAL vision to the general public, so their aim is to make driving as inefficient and troublesome as potential and slowly pressure individuals out of their automobiles.

Should you don’t assume their plan is a good idea, Council needs to hear you, they need to see you. Call your Council rep and let them know you assume this can be a horrible concept. Come to the assembly and stand as much as the handful of “Urbanist” social engineers pushing this mess who assume they have a proper to dictate how your metropolis operates to everyone. Let Council know they don’t converse for you.



In case you’re curious, listed here are the necessities of this program, from the Vision Zero Website:

Sort of infrastructure and visitors – Attainable travel velocity (km/h)

Places with potential conflicts between pedestrians and automobiles 30 km/h (19 mph)

Intersections with potential aspect impacts between automobiles 50 km/h (31 mph)

Roads with potential frontal impacts between automobiles, including rural roads[6] 70 km/h (43 mph)

Roads with no risk of a aspect influence or frontal influence (solely impression with the infrastructure) 100 km/h (62 mph)+

Whither ‘Complete Streets’?

“Complete Streets emphasize the importance of safe access for all users, not just automobiles”.

Some years in the past (~ 10?) City of Phoenix handed a ‘complete streets’ ordinance — if i recall appropriately DiCiccio voted towards that, on the time, too.

DiCiccio mentions the plan in a press release he made throughout his feud with City Manager in 2018:

Full streets: Oddly sufficient I feel this plan has some actually cool concepts for the way forward for our city. I usually do not agree with a number of the group who put collectively this plan, however it does have benefit. Unfortunately, the manager utterly threw out their concepts and you saw a mass resignation of hard-working citizens who put many hours away from their household to attempt to assist our city. My plan: I have proposed utilizing my district as a mannequin for this, but the manager so far has refused to even place it up on a proper agenda for a vote and discussion.

Here’s a information merchandise concerning the mass resignations: Mass Resignations Hit Phoenix’s Complete Streets Advisory Board

ITE Focus on Velocity Administration to enhance visitors security

The ITE, Institute of Transportation Engineers, a group for professional visitors engineers, as described in the latest SSTI publication, is focusing on protected speeds to enhance visitors safety:

…Nevertheless, Canada is taking a really totally different strategy to hurry, as detailed in the April difficulty of ITE Journal, which is dedicated to safety by means of velocity management.
This month’s ITE journal is concentrated on Vision Zero and velocity management and describes Canada’s Protected System’s Strategy to Street Security, which has been very profitable in deterring crash rates across the country. The strategy includes implementing evidence-based measures on 4 totally different ranges: drivers, protected speeds, protected roads, and protected automobiles, with protected speeds being probably the most important player. It is a vital situation, particularly when a variety of states within the U.S. are contemplating growing velocity limits to match the 85th percentile. [the last bit referring exclusively to limited-access highways]

Is Visitors Safety a Partisan Difficulty? (#partisan)

Nicely, you’d assume not, however… Officially speaking, Phoenix metropolis authorities elected officials are “non-partisan”; with out parties. All meaning is there are not any main elections for metropolis council seats.

Right here’s an inventory of Phoenix City Council, together with the get together affiliations of the members. Here is a map of council districts.

Voting ‘no’ have been the three Republicans: Thelda Williams, Sal DiCiccio, and Jim Waring; along with Democrat Michael Nowakowski.

I’m in the intervening time confused concerning the vote rely, which was 4-Four. There are eight Districts; plus the mayor. So where’s the unfastened vote?

Then there’s this tidbit about how DiCiccio’s workplace requested “The Patriot Movement AZ” to publicize DiCiccio’s place towards learning visitors security:

On April 19, DiCiccio constituent providers consultant Merissa Hamilton requested a Patriot Movement AZ chief to promote the council member’s Fb statement towards a proposal to review pedestrian deaths in Phoenix, based on messages obtained by Phoenix New Occasions by means of a public data request. DiCiccio opposed the proposal in his submit, claiming it was nothing more than an try and decrease velocity limits citywide.
…”They are making an attempt to pressure everyone to use public transportation by making the velocity limit on every street 25 mph,” Hamilton stated.
Vision Zero would not have carried out any policy modifications. It only would have required the town to review pedestrian deaths and make suggestions for enhancements.
… Hamilton responded with the link to DiCiccio’s assertion. “I need that blasted,” she stated.
“Oh yeah I saw that. I’ll put it out,” stated Jaffe, who was arrested for assault during a November protest in Tucson.
“And people to show up on Tuesday to the city council meeting,” Hamilton added.

.Hamilton was a former Arizona gubernatorial Libertarian get together candidate; and has since switched to the Republican social gathering; known as a “local Republican political figure” on this current statepress piece.