Wocstar Capital Announces the Launch of Wocstar Media and Wocstar 2024 Fellows

Wocstar Media 2024 Fellows

Wocstar Capital Announces the Launch of Wocstar Media and Wocstar 2024 Fellows

VOORHEES, NJ, UNITED STATES, February 12, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Wocstar Capital is excited to announce the launch of Wocstar Media with a mission to empower artists, entrepreneurial creatives, and creators to usher in a new era of storytelling and empowerment for independent artists who might not otherwise find a seat at the table.

Wocstar Media introduces their 2024 winter fellows, Nicki Micheaux and Ron Simons, who are making significant strides and contributions to the creative arts. Micheaux, an award-winning actress turned director, captivates with her film “Summer of Violence,” a narrative that explores the complex journey of pursuing dreams against the challenges of gun violence. The film has already received multiple accolades, showcasing Micheaux’s impactful storytelling.

Ron Simons, known for his groundbreaking Broadway productions, continues to push creative boundaries with “MJ the Musical” and the captivating narrative of “Sugar Hill,” which explores themes of individuality and magic in the Harlem Renaissance.

Micheaux and Simons embody Wocstar Media’s commitment to elevating diverse voices and stories, underscoring the importance of access to capital and platforms for underrepresented creatives. Stay tuned as they further showcase their remarkable work and contributions to reshaping the narrative landscape.


In an era marked by significant achievements and groundbreaking initiatives, Wocstar Capital created Wocstar Media as a visionary platform with a far-reaching impact committed to transforming the creative arts landscape. This move is fueled by their dedication to supporting a diverse array of entrepreneurs and creatives, driven by the unwavering support of their community and partners. Initial funding projects included the Broadway productions “Thoughts of a Colored Man” and “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enough” which was nominated for seven Tony® awards. Over the coming months, Wocstar Media will roll out other innovative media and entertainment deals related to partnerships, production, and investing.

Motivated by these challenges, Wocstar Media emerged from a deep-seated commitment by Gayle Jennings-O’Byrne, CEO of Wocstar Capital, to transform the prevailing narratives and empower artists with a platform and way to share their unique stories.

Founded on empowerment through storytelling, Wocstar Media aims to showcase the depth and breadth of our experiences—their truth, their heroes, their love, pain, joy, and resilience. By altering the prevailing narrative, their mission transcends storytelling; it’s about reshaping perceptions and redirecting the flow of capital toward meaningful and impactful creative endeavors.

Despite the progress they’ve made, their journey has illuminated the persistent challenges faced by the community—challenges rooted in deep-seated mistrust, misconceptions, and skewed narratives. These barriers, especially those undermining the capabilities and potential of black women across various sectors, have impeded progress, manifesting as tangible obstacles in professional environments from courtrooms to boardrooms.

Wocstar Media is not only a platform; it’s a movement dedicated to providing artists, entrepreneurial creatives, and creators with the necessary support to innovate boldly and impact the world like never before. Their initiative is a testament to the power of support, belief, and investment in diverse voices and narratives.

They are looking forward to 2024 and beyond, and Wocstar Media is poised to make significant strides in empowering creatives to leave an indelible mark. They invite the media, our supporters, and the wider community to join them in this exciting new chapter as we continue to break barriers, challenge misconceptions, and celebrate the richness of diverse creative expressions.



“I’m thrilled to partner with Wocstar Media and the Wocstar Foundation! The key challenge for Black creatives lies in accessing capital. United, we have the strength to elevate our stories to the global stage. Wocstar’s recognition and support in bringing my film to a broader audience fill me with immense gratitude,” Nicki Micheaux shares enthusiastically.

Nicki Micheaux, the multi-talented award-winning actor, is also a visionary director, writer, and producer with a unique perspective on narrative craft. Micheaux, celebrated for many years for her award-winning acting, is stepping into the spotlight as a director with an extraordinary vision for storytelling. As a 2024 fellow of Wocstar Media, she is poised to make a significant impact, telling compelling stories that spark change and encourage others to share their own. Her directorial debut, “Summer of Violence” has emerged as a darling on the film festival circuit, earning accolades and establishing Micheaux as a beloved figure among festival-goers.


“To be selected as a Wocstar Media fellow is an honor because I know of their commitment to developing and supporting storytellers of color. They understand that without these kinds of initiatives, authentic stories of POC told by POC will wane, and most will never see the light of day. The hope WocStar inspires is invaluable to me and all who work on projects supported by them. With Wocstar’s financial support, I will bring my production of Hippest Trip: Soul Train Musical and Turn Me Loose to Broadway. TML is a hilarious, tragic, insightful and wildly entertaining look at the life of Dick Gregory portrayed by Joe Morton aka Poppa Pope on Scandal“ to Broadway. It will give us the funding needed to launch the U.S. and Chinese tour of Sugar Hill: the Ellington/Strayhorn Nutcracker, a dance story and transfer.”

Dr. Simons is a four-time Tony Award-winning producer and the most-awarded African-American producer of all time. As a four-time and three-time Grand Jurynominee, Sundance Film Festival selected producer and actor of stage, film, and television. Dr. Simons is the leading Broadway producer working today to bring diversity of Black, LGBTQIA, senior, and other minority groups’ stories to the stage, with his work being screened at prestigious festivals all over the world, including Sundance, New Directors/NewFilms, the Museum of Modern Arts) and many others.

Wocstar Capital has been at the forefront of investing in diverse entrepreneurs, championing innovation, and supporting groundbreaking initiatives that drive progress and inclusivity in the business world and pushing boundaries to bring inclusive human stories, universally rich experiences, tech, media, and new perspectives from underrepresented communities to the global marketplace.

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