Winds of Change by Dr.Randolph Perry
Winds of Change by Dr.Randolph Perry

New World Order

The winds of change will persist in the world until the second coming of Jesus Christ.

UPPER MARLBORO, MD, UNITED STATES, May 14, 2024 / — The new world order will describe the nature of the changing events that will impact the world; the winds of change will force people to adjust their lifestyles according to the dictates of the world.

The falling nature of man has historically been a challenge for the church to overcome the new world order that would begin in the 21st century. The winds of change will persist in the world until the second coming of Jesus Christ.


Dr. Bishop Randolph O Perry is a gifted teacher/preacher who masters with great Prophetic insights and revelation. Bishop Perry has a Doctor of Veterinary degree from Word of Faith Bible College and a Doctor of Education degree from Nova Southeastern University. As a lecturer, curriculum developer, and sponsor of conferences and souvenirs, Bishop Perry works extremely hard to help, heal, and restore families; he has been active in the education community for over forty years, where he has touched the lives of thousands of students throughout his career.

Bishop Perry serves in ministry with his wife Roxana Perry. They have three sons and nine grandchildren, he is currently a Bishop over the Shepherd’s house of restoration worship center. The church is also a member of the Eagles united convent fellowship churches and pastures with all the Father’s children fellowship international.

With his wife Roxana by his side, Bishop Perry seems to have built a strong foundation for his ministry, and their family involvement underscores their commitment to their beliefs and mission. Through conferences, curriculum development, and other initiatives, they strive to guide and support individuals on their spiritual journeys while also contributing to the larger body of Christ.

The ministry goal is to help to restore the body of Christ and inform the World about the imminent of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Bishop Perry’s dedication to education, spiritual guidance, and community outreach underscores his commitment to serving others and spreading the message of hope and redemption through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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