Wild Capture Joins HAND (Human & Digital) Beta Talent Registry Program

Wild Capture is partnering with HAND (Human & Digital) to advance a digital rights management solution for digital humans.

Partnership to Advance Digital Human Talent Authentication and Rights Management for Volumetric Video-Captured Performances

The ability to provide talent with a unique digital ID at the start of a performance capture session inspires trust and serves as a cornerstone for effective rights management.”

— Will Driscoll, Wild Capture, CEO

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 6, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Wild Capture, a leading developer of digital human technologies, today announced a strategic partnership with HAND (Human & Digital), the first global B2B Talent ID registry for efficient discoverability, royalty collection, and revenue tracking of notable real and virtual humans. Wild Capture is now part of the HAND beta Talent Registry program with the aim of implementing a digital rights solution for volumetric video performance capture within its powerful Digital Human Platform (DHP).

The HAND framework assigns standardization and transparency for the reliable verification of noteworthy legal persons and their licensable virtual counterparts (or ‘digital twins’) in an emerging digital landscape. As a HAND beta partner, Wild Capture will have access to an advanced API and Web UI of the HAND Talent ID registry database. Integration into Wild Capture’s Unify Solver core middleware technology within the DHP will assign talent an interoperable, persistent ID at the time of capture — similar in nature to a global barcode — based on standards and protocols managed by the registration authority of the DOI Foundation. (Note: The DOI Foundation, founded in 1997, manages 1.3 billion unique ID resolutions per month across 12 global registration agencies.)

As high-fidelity digital humans continue to transform creative industries worldwide, Wild Capture CEO, Will Driscoll, states that the strategic partnership with HAND’s Talent ID registry establishes a streamlined digital rights management workflow for volumetric video captures, automating the process of talent identification – including name, image, and likeness. These factors are pivotal in addressing issues related to talent creative control and monetization and have positive implications for the widespread adoption of digital human technology.

“Wild Capture is excited to partner with HAND to provide our creative community a reliable authentication system that safeguards talent likenesses, tracks asset provenance, and ensures the interoperability of every digital human asset we create,” outlines Driscoll. “The ability to offer a unique digital ID to talent at the outset of the performance capture session inspires trust and serves as a cornerstone for effective rights management, especially crucial to meet the rising prevalence of AI-generated content.”

Will Kreth, HAND CEO, underscores the HAND Talent ID registry brings simplicity and scale to talent identity in a human and digital world.

“We are thrilled to welcome Wild Capture as an inaugural partner in the HAND Talent Registry beta program,” says Kreth. “Our aim is to collaborate with leading industry experts who are shaping the future of talent in both real and virtual worlds. Wild Capture’s expertise in creating digital humans for the entertainment industry is an ideal match that will help us gather feedback and improve HAND’s product/market fit while designing for the business requirements of both Wild Capture and Hollywood.”

The HAND Talent Registry is currently operating in a limited private beta. HAND Talent IDs are scheduled for availability in the first half of 2024 and will be searchable to everyone.

About HAND

Founded in January 2022, NYC-based HAND (Human & Digital) is the first human Talent ID Registry under the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) Foundation (an ISO standard). Using the power of Citation-Backed Notability – HAND provides provenance automation value to global supply chains via the instantiation of persistent, unique, resolvable IDs for legal-entity Humans, Virtual Humans, and Fictional Characters in Performing Arts and Sports.

About Wild Capture

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Wild Capture is a developer of digital human technologies leading the way for volumetric capture stages and creatives to produce high-quality digital humans. In early 2022, Wild Capture introduced its next-generation Digital Human Platform, a cloud-based, volumetric video suite of products to enable the capture and use of human performances that seamlessly integrate into most 3D production pipelines for unmatched accuracy and realism.

Wild Capture is headed by filmmaking and visual effects visionaries credited with pushing the evolution of immersive media technologies over the past two decades. The company’s pioneering AI and machine-driven technologies deliver unprecedented, scalable solutions for creating digital crowds and customized digital fashion that uniquely bridges the gap in VFX pipelines, new media production, software development, and web-based applications.

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