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Bombshell report from industry leading AAA video game outsourcing studio DigitalShock predicts major shifts in video game and animation development.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 2, 2024 / — DigitalShock, an industry leading video game outsourcing and art outsourcing studio, today unveiled an in-depth business intelligence report that outlines emerging trends and future predictions reshaping the video game and animation sectors. This seminal document, compiled by a best game studio known for its pioneering approaches, provides key insights into the integration of groundbreaking technologies and evolving market dynamics. It reveals that 57% of video game outsourcing service providers now leverage AI to reduce costs to clients and that some applications decrease production time significantly by as much as 50%.

DigitalShock has been providing state of the art video game outsourcing services globally for over a decade, and worked on many AAA video game development projects such as Disneyland Adventures, Lego Universe, Forza, Gangstar: New Orleans, Tanks: Armoured Warfare, Superman, Lord of The Rings and many others. Working on numerous AAA titles every year for over a decade, DigitalShock has unique insight into the video game industry overall, as a seasoned and experienced video game outsourcing company.

The Report

The report emphatically highlights the expanding role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in transforming game development processes, noting its transition from rudimentary tasks to central roles in creative workflows, such as procedural content generation and complex character animations. Video game studios are leveraging advanced AI to empower developers in crafting more immersive, engaging gaming environments that elevate player experiences to unprecedented heights. Concept art, 3D art, game design, and engineering are all being affected by this new technological evolution. Industry reports and 3rd party analysis show that AI is helping video game outsourcing companies reduce production costs by an average of 25% for their clients.

A significant focus is placed on the transformative effects of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). These technologies, which are central to the offerings of a video game development or animation studio in the modern market, are set to revolutionize player interactions with game content, creating deeper levels of engagement and interactivity. Industry reports reveals that 1 in 3 video game industry professionals are now leveraging AI to enhance efficiency and innovate content production.

Cloud gaming also receives a detailed examination. This pivotal technology democratizes gaming by enabling high-quality experiences across various devices without the need for expensive hardware, a domain where DigitalShock’s video game outsourcing services excel in providing scalable, cloud-based solutions.

From an economic standpoint, the report outlines how AI and cloud technologies significantly reduce production costs and accelerate development cycles. The global market dynamics are also explored, with a particular focus on trends towards market consolidation.

The evolution of workplace dynamics towards more remote and hybrid models is highlighted as a key trend within the industry. DigitalShock, as a leading 3D modeling service and game art studio, embraces this shift, citing that its hybrid model has been in effect for over a decade already. The report also notes that over 30% of all game developers work in indie studios, helping put into perspective the recent slew of layoffs and consolidation in recent years.

Corporate social responsibility is another critical area covered in the report. The best 3D art and animation studios lead by example, promoting sustainable and ethical practices that resonate with today’s environmentally and socially conscious consumers (and investors).

How To Pick Your Video Game Outsourcing Provider

When selecting an external development or 3D art outsourcing studio, DigitalShock suggests that video game publishers and developers should consider several key factors to ensure a successful partnership. Choosing the best game studio or art outsourcing studio involves evaluating their expertise in game art services, 3D modeling services, and the ability to handle AAA video game outsourcing projects with precision.

First, the reputation of the game art outsourcing company plays a crucial role. Opt for a studio renowned for its quality and reliability. These studios typically offer comprehensive game art services, including 3D character animation services and 3D animation production, ensuring top-notch quality for complex projects.

Second, the range of services offered by the art outsourcing studio is vital. A studio that provides extensive art design services, including 3D modeling services, animation services, and game art outsourcing, can deliver diverse and high-quality assets that enhance the visual appeal and engagement of your game.

Third, consider the technical capabilities and workflow of the 3D art studio or game art outsourcing studio. Studios equipped with the latest technology and a proven track record in efficient project management, such as those experienced in 3D animation outsourcing, are more likely to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Additionally, effective communication is essential. A game outsourcing company that maintains open lines of communication ensures that your vision and objectives are perfectly aligned with their creative output. This collaborative approach is particularly important in complex projects involving multiple facets of game development.

Lastly, the benefits of partnering with a top-notch art outsourcing or video game outsourcing studio are immense. Not only does it allow game developers to scale production capacity rapidly, but it also enhances the game’s artistic quality, due to specialized services from external development studios.

Future Outlook

Looking to the future, the report is optimistic about continued industry growth driven by technological advancements and rising consumer demand for innovative gaming experiences.

The need for new skills in AI management and data analysis as AI and automation technologies become more prevalent is also discussed. It states that 3D art outsourcing and external development partners must be at the forefront of these changes, providing robust training programs to ensure teams remain adept at meeting evolving demands as they continue to provide impactful external development services for major publishers. The report notes that strategy and transparency in where to apply AI or creative should be a major topic of discussion at every video game development studio in 2024.

In conclusion, DigitalShock’s 2024 business intelligence report anticipates significant industry transformations in the pipeline, workforce, gameplay and accessibility of video games and video game development capabilities overall.

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