Upcoming TV Series Promises to Shatter Stereotypes and Bring Brands to Life


A Fresh Take on TV: New Series Challenges Typecasting and Innovates How Products Integrate with Shows

When people hear about surfers, cowboys, and computer geeks, the last thing that comes to mind is that they’re black.”

— Creator and Executive Producer, John Kendale

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 9, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Action Thriller titled, REBORN DREAMS, with heart-pounding drama and a splash of humor will challenge stereotypes and redefine expectations about the race of certain character roles in movies. Entrepreneur John Kendale, founder of John K Films and creator of this new TV Series, plans to merge the development and placement of physical products into the show to create additional revenue streams for the company. “Times are changing fast and filmmakers must adapt or be left behind,” he says. The Show had a successful teaser launch on Facebook which achieved more than 8,000 Followers in a month.

The REBORN DREAMS TV Series unfolds around the life of Nathan Hayes, a tech-savvy college student whose innocent computer prank escalates into a thrilling quest to unravel a sinister plot endangering residents in their small town. Assisted by a diverse group of college friends, including Kai, a surfer, with MacGyver-like mechanical genius; Hannah, an Ethiopian-American fashion influencer; and Riya, a math major and strategic gaming enthusiast with a goth/punk flair, the team is guided by Jason, a former Navy SEAL, and later joined by Levi, a stoic cowboy, bridging the generational divide and sure to connect with audiences young and old.

The teaser on Facebook has viewers wanting more, with comments like “Can’t wait!”, “Wish I could watch it now!” and “When does it premiere?” highlighting the public’s anticipation. The Show is being strategically positioned and possibly attracting interest from major studios such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. The show’s creator says, “This TV Series will be a game changer for both actors and American society as a whole.”

The production has been in talks with representatives of a YouTube megastar with over 15 million followers, for a guest appearance which is likely to draw significant attention, particularly among the 13-22 age demographic. The series will include a subtle emphasis on STEM education and will showcase practical applications in real-world scenarios adding an educational, yet ‘cool’, layer to the entertainment. The Series Pilot is in development and slated for completion by the end of 2024. The Premiere is anticipated for early 2025.

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