Short film portraying the life of a woman in addiction is nominated for the LA Shorts Film Festival

Jane, short film by Kyle Michaels

Jane, directed by Kyle Michaels, will be screening on Regal Cinema LA Live this Saturday

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, July 19, 2023/ — Jane is a short film written and directed by Kyle Michaels, starring Savanna Cummin. The film shows the lowest moments of Jane, an alcoholic woman, who faces depression and the prison of addiction. Jane finds support in AA meetings, where she first recognizes her voice echoing in other women’s stories. The film has been accepted at the Los Angeles Shorts Film Festival 2023 and will be screening on Saturday, July 22nd at 10 pm on Regal Cinema LA Live.

“When you hit bottom, keep digging… the life you find may be your own” is the tagline of the film. Jane was hitting her alcoholic bottom and decided to attend an AA meeting. In that place, she realizes the voices and stories of the women are the echo of her own experience. As she listens to them and reflects on the broken pieces of her life, she realizes that she only has one option: sobriety. The drama is full of deep scenes of the main character highlighting her vulnerability.

Kyle Michaels is proud to present Jane to the community, believing this story will resonate with those who are lost in alcoholism. “I want to tell a story that delves into that desperation and loneliness that people feel when they hit their bottom and that there’s a place to go when all else fails”, he says. He adds that Jane is a societal disruption since most people don’t think young, intelligent, and attractive women can be functioning alcoholics. Jane sheds light on that demographic.

Michaels’ last production, The Smart Sitter, a short horror/comedy, was nominated for best horror film at the 2022 Burbank International Film Festival. Jane is his first story from a female perspective and a promising film for many awards this year.

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