Segmind Announces the Launch of SegMoE, the World’s First Open Source Mixture of Experts Framework for Stable Diffusion
Segmind Announces the Launch of SegMoE, the World’s First Open Source Mixture of Experts Framework for Stable Diffusion


Introducing SegMoE, a dynamic combination of pre-trained Stable Diffusion Models, set to revolutionize the field of generative models.

SANTA CLARA, CA, USA, February 9, 2024 / — Segmind, a pioneer in Generative AI research, is excited to announce the launch of SegMoE, a revolutionary framework that combines different generative image models to create larger, more knowledgeable, and efficient systems. This is the world’s first open-source Mixture of Experts (MoEs) framework for Stable Diffusion, a term commonly used in the field of deep learning.

In simple terms, think of SegMoE as a team of AI experts, each with their own specialty. Depending on the task at hand, SegMoE can dynamically choose the best expert to handle it. This allows for the creation of larger models on the fly, offering larger knowledge, better prompt adherence, and improved image quality.

For the tech-savvy, SegMoE follows the same architecture as Stable Diffusion. It includes multiple models combined into one, similar to Mixtral 8x7b. The functionality of SegMoE is enhanced by replacing some feed-forward layers with sparse MoE layers. The MoE layers contain a router network to select which expert can process which token most efficiently.

Harish Prabhala, Co-founder & CTO at Segmind, said, “With SegMoE, we’re pushing the boundaries of Stable Diffusion models. By dynamically combining the strengths of multiple expert models, we’re able to generate higher quality content, save resources, and offer a scalable solution for image generative tasks. Our ongoing efforts will focus on expanding support for additional models and enabling the training of SegMoE models, further enhancing the quality and diversity of generated images.”

What This Means to the Community:

SegMoE is open source, which means users can customize their own mixture of experts tailored to their specific needs and preferences. SegMoE is integrated into the HuggingFace ecosystem and is supported by diffusers. Further work is being done to optimize speed and memory usage, making it even more efficient and accessible.

Looking ahead, Segmind’s goal is to expand support to include more models and to enable training for SegMoE models. This could potentially enhance the models’ quality and establish a new state-of-the-art model for text-to-image generation.

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