Rivas Enterprise Films Unveils Two Horror Feature Films and Announces New Anthology TV Series

Two Horror Feature Films and New Anthology TV Series

Rivas Enterprise Films , “A Force to be Reckoned With.”

If succumbed to darkness long enough, we begin to lose sight of reality”

— Thomas Rivas

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, February 5, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Rivas Enterprise Films, a leading production company in the horror genre, is thrilled to announce the completion of two highly anticipated feature films, “Rise of the Crimson Butcher” and “Terror House.” Both films are set to terrify audiences with their unique storylines and chilling visuals. In addition, the company in association with Barnhart Entertainment and Honey Phoenix Productions is also excited to reveal their latest project, a horror anthology TV series titled “Tales from the Shadows.”

In “Rise of the Crimson Butcher” the tranquility of an FBI agent’s (Shawn Brackett) impending retirement is shattered when his family (Sara Acosta, Eliana Rivas, and Oli Oswald) becomes entangled in the nightmarish resurgence of the Crimson Cult (Justina England, Holland Stull, Christian Rivas, Christian Morgan, Evelynn Rivas, Victor Cramer) infamous for grisly murders at Devil’s Ridge three years prior. Now, the agent and his family must battle against time and the macabre rituals of the cult, striving to survive the impending doom threatening to consume them. As the shadows of the past loom, the question remains: Will they escape the clutches of the Crimson Butcher, or will they become the next sacrificial offering in this relentless descent into terror?”

The Film Co-stars Thomas Rivas (Roosevelt), Barry Barnhart (Chase), Cameron Darley (Terry), Jim Foster (Levi), Britni Nelson (Ericka), and Isaiah Favela (Nathan).

“Terror House,” unfolds as a spine-chilling horror film, revolving around a haunted past where a 13-year-old girl Millie (Eliana Rivas) commits a heinous act, murdering her family played by (Christy Tate, Dale Niehaus, and Ian Rivas) before mysteriously disappearing. Five years later, a group of eager amateur ghost hunting Vloggers, Travis (Thomas Rivas), Anthony (Barry Barnhart), Diaz (Octavio Velasco) , Tosha (Vivian Bunch), Cameron (Oli Oswald), and Micheal (Christian Rivas) drawn by the chilling legend, ventures into the abandoned home. Once inside, they find themselves ensnared in the malevolent grip of the supernatural, forced to confront their deepest fears and survive a harrowing 7-day ordeal within the confines of the dreaded Terror House.” The film Co-stars Jim Foster (John), Doug Harris (Sheriff), Mario Rivas (Deputy), Teri Rivas (Lucy), and Evelynn Rivas (Elizabeth).

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Rivas Enterprise Films is also embarking on a new project, “Tales from the Shadows,” a horror anthology TV series inspired by classics like “Tales from the Crypt” and “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” Each episode will feature a different story, ranging from supernatural creatures to psychological horrors. With Rivas at the helm, viewers can expect a unique and terrifying experience with each episode.

“We are excited to share these tales of terror with audiences around the world,” said Thomas Rivas, CEO and director at Rivas Enterprise Films. “. Familiar faces will return in this series as well as new ones. “We have put our heart and soul into each one and cannot wait for audiences to experience them. We hope to continue pushing the boundaries of horror and providing fans with quality entertainment.” Thomas Rivas is being hailed as , “The Adam Sandler of Oklahoma”.

Fans can pre-order DVDs of “Rise of the Crimson Butcher” and “Terror House” now, and stay tuned for updates on the release of “Tales from the Shadows.” Rivas Enterprise Films is dedicated to delivering top-notch horror content and is excited to share these projects with the world. For more information, visit their website at https://rivasenterprises.wixsite.com/thomasrivas

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