Renowned Hindi Singer Laxman Soni Signs Global Deal with Noizbloc, Paving the Way for Hindi Music’s Global Expansion
Renowned Hindi Singer Laxman Soni Signs Global Deal with Noizbloc, Paving the Way for Hindi Music’s Global Expansion

Laxman Soni inks with Noizbloc for Global Music Distribution. Gustakh E Ishq is ready to release on July 14.

CHENNAI, TAMIL NADU, INDIA, July 3, 2023/ — Laxman Soni, a renowned Hindi singer known for his hit songs, has achieved another milestone by securing a global deal with Noizbloc. This exclusive agreement, signed on June 20, 2023, marks a significant moment for Hindi music as it aims to reach global standards and signifies a turning point in the independent music industry, according to Soni himself.

Also we had an interview with Laxman Soni about his new song. Here it is.

Laxman Soni who belives music is divine and has a super power to change the mood of any person is releasing his new original song Gustakh E Ishq (The Love Ghazal). Let’s discover the secret of this song!

Today we’d like to introduce Laxman Soni

“Laxman, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far. Also, tell us about your new release.”

Laxman Soni: “I started learning classical music from the year 2016 from Mrs. Banasri Ghoshal and she is also my guide for all these musics which I am doing and will be doing, but I had the love and affection for music since I was a kid. About Gustakh E Ishq (The Love Ghazal), I wanted to say that this song is very close to my heart because this is my first original song. The special thing about this original is I wrote the lyrics of this song and it was composed by my Ma’am Mrs. Banasri Ghoshal. In music I want to do big and I have a dream to become famour nation and worldwide. I have also received couple of certificates, awards and recognition by doing music, but the special one is when I received an award from Government of India when I submitted my song to them.”

“What are your next plans for music and new songs?”

Laxman Soni: “Regarding music I have a big dreams and I will achieve them by doing work and work. I have 112+ original lyrics and beats for them in my mind and I’m planning to release them all within the next few years.”

Deal between Noizbloc & Laxman Soni

Noizbloc, a record label and music distribution company actively involved in distributing soundtracks, proudly introduces Laxman Soni as their latest signee. Noizbloc offers a range of services to its partners. These services include digital and physical distribution, label services encompassing marketing and promotion, market intelligence and global strategies, management and payment of royalties, publishing and neighboring rights management, synchronization licenses, as well as a video network. Notably, Noizbloc has developed advanced technological tools that provide partners with efficient and transparent control over their content. Additionally, their user-friendly online platform offers daily reporting and a monthly payment system.

This exciting collaboration between Laxman Soni and Noizbloc opens up new opportunities for Hindi music to reach wider audiences and break into the global music scene. Soni is eagerly looking forward to embarking on this new chapter in his musical journey, with Noizbloc as his supportive partner.

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