Renowned Author Dr. William Epps Jr. Set to Spotlight “Living in A Dying Land” at Miami Book Fair International 2023

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Dr. William Epps Jr.

Living In A Dying Land

Living In A Dying Land By Dr. William Epps Jr.

Delve into a spiritual journey with Dr. William Epps Jr. as he presents his introspective exploration of the Book of Genesis at the Miami Book Fair 2023.

Living in a Dying Land takes readers on an introspective journey through the pages of the Book of Genesis”

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 3, 2023 / — Esteemed author and theologian, Dr. William Epps Jr., will mark his presence at the Miami Book Fair International 2023. He is eager to share insights from his profound work, “Living in a Dying Land“, and to engage with attendees about the nuances of the early biblical narratives.

“Living in a Dying Land” takes readers on an introspective journey through the pages of the Book of Genesis, probing the course of humanity from Adam to Abraham. With a keen emphasis on the absence of sin before Adam, Dr. Epps compellingly brings to light Adam’s divergence from God’s divine blueprint. The exploration of these early biblical events is designed to provide readers with a deeper understanding of our shared spiritual heritage and our potential for grace and redemption.

Apart from “Living in A Dying Land”, Dr. Epps has written other notable works, including “In Search Of: Old Testament-Solid Foundation” and “Peace and Happiness: Behold He is Coming”. His dedication to the propagation of biblical teachings and the enhancement of Christian education is evident in his vast body of work.

With a reputable standing in the theological community, Dr. Epps’ commitment to deepening Christian education and understanding biblical stories is unwavering. His participation in the Miami Book Fair International 2023 will undoubtedly provide attendees with an enriching experience and a chance to delve deeper into biblical themes.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Dr. William Epps Jr. at one of the world’s premier literary gatherings this year and immerse yourself in the profound narratives of our shared spiritual heritage.

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In Search Of: Old Testament – Solid Foundation by William Epps Jr.

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