Polestar Turns Away Nearly 100 Behind-The-Scenes Viewers

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Polestar Pictures Addresses Capacity Crowd at Hoyt Museum Event, Offers Exclusive Opportunities in Apology.

An overwhelming turnout of fans and enthusiasts led to the venue reaching its full capacity within the first nine minutes.”

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SHARPSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, February 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — During a highly anticipated behind-the-scenes viewing of its studio screen tests, hosted by Polestar Pictures at the Hoyt Museum in Sharon, Pennsylvania, an overwhelming turnout of fans and enthusiasts led to the venue reaching its full capacity within the first nine minutes. This unprecedented response resulted in nearly 100 behind-the-scenes hopeful observers being turned away to ensure the safety and comfort of all attendees.

The company said that the Sharon Herald covered most of the action in this article, which covered the event: “Lights, camera, blood: Vampire movie being filmed in the area.” Polestar also expressed appreciation to the crews and cast for their work and wanted to especially thank Joe Sabatino, who plays the lead role as John Wolf, and a newly discovered actress, Violet Hatch, who secured the lead female vampire role for her stunning performance at the studio screen tests.

Understanding the disappointment this may have caused, Polestar Pictures said it extended its sincerest apologies to those who were unable to participate in the event and to the residents of Sharon, PA, and the surrounding communities. “As a gesture of goodwill and to make amends, Polestar Pictures is thrilled to announce two exclusive opportunities for local movie enthusiasts to participate in the behind-the-scenes excitement of filmmaking,” said Mark Weis, one of the two Executive Producers. “Local area residents can have their choice of one of these two options if they win:

1. Family Adventure Raffle: An exciting chance for families to win a memorable behind-the-scenes adventure, with all food and accommodations on us. This raffle is our way of saying thank you for your support and understanding.

2. Role in ‘Vampire Penance’ Trilogy: An extraordinary opportunity for individuals to become part of the magic by securing a role in the upcoming Polestar Pictures trilogy, Vampire Penance.”

Mr. Weis told them that they could participate in the raffle or register for a chance to play a role in “Vampire Penance” by visiting the company’s Indiegogo pre-launch page at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/–2806754/coming_soon and simply entering their email address.

Going a step further, Polestar Pictures announced that it would also offer behind-the-scenes corporate team-building experiences and romantic weekend getaways for couples when their crowdfunding campaign goes live later this month. “When I was coming up in the corporate world, we marveled at the “Hollywood Model” for approaching a complex project,” said Joe DiDonato, the other Executive Producer for the trilogy. “The ability to bring together a bevy of diverse teams and personalities into a cohesive team that can combine teamwork and collaboration to bring a magnificent production to the big screen did not go unnoticed by the corporate world,” Mr. DiDonato said.

The company said that it is committed to organizing its first team-building event for an organization within the 100-mile radius of Sharon, PA, fostering local engagement and community spirit. “We are committed to bringing unique and immersive entertainment experiences to the community, and these exclusive behind-the-scenes opportunities are our way of thanking the local community for their support,” added Mark Weis.

Polestar Pictures said that the company is deeply grateful for the enthusiasm and support of its fans in the communities surrounding Sharon, PA. “We regret any inconvenience caused by the capacity restrictions at the wonderful and supportive Hoyt Museum, and we’re dedicated to providing enriching and accessible entertainment experiences in the near future,” John Reign added.

For more information about the Family Adventure Raffle, roles in “Vampire Penance,” and the upcoming team-building and romantic weekend events, please visit the Indiegogo pre-launch website mentioned above or contact the Polestar Pictures Executive Team at [email protected].

About The Vampire Penance Trilogy

Vampire Penance Concept Reel: https://vimeo.com/895606004

“Vampire Penance: The Atonement of John Wolf” opens with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and jumps to 1985 Sharon, PA, USA.

A 10-year-old girl wakes to a nightmare, her room invaded by unseen forces. Meanwhile, Killian, a Scottish vampire hunter, searches for vampire havens. He meets Ivory, a captivating vampire, in a bar that soon turns into a vampire slaughterhouse.

Killian’s confrontation leads to the bar’s destruction. Under Nile, an ancient vampire’s descendant, the surviving vampires plot human dominion.

Tormented by his past, John Wolf meets Ivory, entering a world where reality and the supernatural merge, uncovering dark secrets.

Talent Notes: This is for “Copy, Credit, Meals, Lodging.” There will also be a “set-aside” from the film’s proceeds for cast and crew.

The final actor selection will be based on community voting. Individuals and children submitting must sign consent forms in the audition package.

About Polestar Pictures

Polestar Pictures stands at the forefront of cinematic innovation, blending compelling storytelling with immersive audience experiences. With a commitment to excellence and led by award-winning film director John Reign and industry veterans like Joe DiDonato, Mark Weis, and consultant Joe Sabatino, Polestar Pictures is dedicated to creating not just films but cultural phenomena. The upcoming vampire trilogy is a testament to their vision and creativity, promising to be a landmark series in the genre. For more information, visit www.PolestarPictures.com.

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Vampire Penance: The Atonement of John Wolf

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