Perfect 10 Pictures Unveils Music DocuSeries Indie Rooftop

The groundbreaking music docuseries features multiple noteworthy independent artists and highlights mental health and emotional literacy.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, May 24, 2023/ — Perfect 10 Pictures, a production company renowned for its bold, exciting content that explores life’s challenges and celebrates the triumphs of the human spirit, is proud to unveil Indie Rooftop, a groundbreaking music docuseries featuring a diverse group of noteworthy independent artists in performances and interviews that demonstrate the importance of mental health and emotional literacy.

The docuseries follows the stories of prominent independent artists, including Fana Hues, BabyXSosa, Louis King, Fany de la Chica, Land is Rising, King Quan and Will Jordan. In addition to in-depth interviews, episodes include intimate live performances from musicians from multiple genres such as folk music, hip-hop, r&b, soul music and flamenco.

“Having taught as a young artist trying to make ends meet, I met so many young people that truly inspired me while making this series,” said Indie Rooftop’s Director, Jasmine Allen. “Students faced a lot of challenges, especially the black and brown students. I wanted the first project I produced to be for them, to teach them to master their emotions, and show them that they could pursue their dreams without asking for permission.”

With its strong focus on expression, mental health and self-actualization, Indie Rooftop breathes new energy into the indie scene with the unique vision of its creators who strive to foster entrepreneurship and creativity within themselves.

“It’s really just about being emotionally literate, understanding our feelings, why we feel this way, processing them and healing from it,” noted artist Fana Hues. Louis King, an artist and educator at Audubon Middle School in Los Angeles, shares that emotional literacy is “a powerful tool to teach people how to manage their emotions” in the series.

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About Perfect 10 Pictures

Perfect 10 Pictures produces bold, exciting content that explores life’s challenges and celebrates the triumphs of the human spirit founded by actor, filmmaker and entrepreneur Jasmine Allen. Jasmine earned a bachelor’s degree in Television, Film and New Media from San Diego State University and previous worked at State Street Pictures.

Perfect 10 Pictures is currently seeking distribution for Indie Rooftop. For more information, please contact Jasmine Allen at (708)790-5800 or email [email protected].

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