Paramount Plus Adds Yvette Rachelle & Ed Asner Christmas Movie

Actress Yvette Rachelle

Paramount Plus debuts streaming of “Santa Stole Our Dog” film with wonderful performances by actors Ed Asner ,Yvette Rachelle & Eric Roberts!

The best Elf Actors I ever worked with were Will Ferrell #1 and Yvette Rachelle #2 only because Will Ferrell was taller than Supermodel Yvette!”

— Ed Asner

NORTH POLE, ALASKA, USA, December 21, 2023 / — ‘Tis the Season for Christmas movies as Paramount Plus added “Santa Stole Our Dog” with adorable Swedish/American Actress Yvette Rachelle as Snowflake the Elf and Ed Asner as Santa..Ed whom was inducted into the Santa Hall of Fame. Dolly Parton even personally wrote a tender sweet song for this jolly Christmas film. This is the streaming debut of “Santa Stole Our Dog” and great film for the whole family and dog lovers!

This delightful Holiday film was a collaboration of Ed Asner, Yvette Rachelle and Bryan Stoller. Everyone’s question is how did Ed Asner and Yvette Rachelle meet given their over 70 plus age difference?They met while being Spokesperson’s for wildlife charity Defenders of Wildlife and an everlasting friendship formed by their love of saving wildlife and saving the planet. This film is a charitable contribution to highlight global warming and imperiled wildlife. One of the late Ed Asner’s wishes for his 2nd favorite Elf as he had worked with Will Ferrell from the film “Elf” was his #1 favorite only because he was taller than Supermodel Yvette! The wish was to continue fighting for the Bison and Wolves. Yvette let out an adorably cute giggle just like her character Snowflake does in the film and said “If Ed only knew our movie was on the same Network as tv show Yellowstone. He probably would say move over Kevin Costner and make room on the show for Bisons and Wolves…Ed was always fighting for the underdog. “ If you get a chance visit Actress Yvette’s popular instagram page to for many behind the scene shots from “Santa Stole Our Dog” and pictures with Ed at

The curmudgeon Ed and Swedish beauty Yvette along with Director Bryan made this Dove Approved family film happen with quality elements of family,being a good Boy or Girl, pet adoption, global warming message, and even a Polar Bear adoption to save the endangered Polar Bear with the help of Defenders of Wildlife Charity. Plus, their combined love of dogs is sweetly portrayed by Rusty, a Japanese Kai Ken dog the family adopts. Actress/Producer Yvette mentioned “ This is a wonderful message for animal adoption this time of year as shelters are full and need your help! And you know it’s scientifically proven that pets lower your blood pressure and add years to your life and theirs!” In the film Santa , played by Ed accidentally steals the family dog via his toy sack and ends up at the North Pole where the dog actually has a fantastic time playing with the Elves! Even Elvis! Santa must look allover the World to find this cute little dogs owner and so the adventure begins…There is a funny cameo by famed actor Eric Roberts playing the Toy CEO. Yvette added people often ask is Eric Roberts your Dad? She joyfully said he is a great Dad ,but the Dad to Actress Emma Roberts!

This lovable film was named Top 25 Christmas films, Amazon’s Prime Christmas Countdown UK Movie List, What To Watch – Best Christmas Movies with Dogs and the list goes on and on…This film is Christmas classic along with some wonderful performances by Santa -Ed Asner, Snowflake -Yvette Rachelle ,The Toy CEO -Eric Roberts and of course Rusty the dog. This is one Ho Ho hilarious Ho Ho Holiday film now streaming on Paramount Plus!

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