Outlaw Rocker Tom Ciurczak Sings About Small Town Girls, a Mexican Jail, and Martians; He’s at The Mint LA on June 22nd

More adventures in life and love, exploring the passion, romance, struggles, humor and hardships of everyday life.

The Tom Ciurczak Band plays to a packed room at The Coachhouse in Orange County.

The Tom Ciurczak Band live in LA; sharing their feel-good rock music at The Mint (6/22), The Whisky A Go-Go (8/15), Molly Malones, The Viper Room & more.

I Ain’t Ever Growing Up: Volume II is SoCal-based singer-songwriter Tom Ciurczak’s rockin’ new album celebrating good times and tall tales.

All of these songs are powerful stories about the human experience, forgoing judgements about how anyone should live. Draw your own conclusions.”

— Robin James, Medium

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, June 14, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — After successfully debuting its predecessor, SoCal-based outlaw rock singer-songwriter Tom Ciurczak (Sir-Zak) is back with a sequel album! I Ain’t Ever Growing Up: Volume II was released by Ludlow TFC Records just in time to heat up the summer season in America and beyond. Perfect to sing along with as you drive up California’s romantic Pacific Coast Highway when the oldies just feel too old, and you still want that classic rock ‘n’ roll feeling. The first single, ‘Small Town Girls,’ debuted on April 12. Today, the entire album can be found on all the major streaming platforms, and Bandcamp.

Rock Era Magazine wrote, “Ciurczak’s impassioned deliveries and heartwarming lyrics are a mainstay throughout the album,” while music writer Robin James describes the new album as “another fine original American bada** boot-scooter, all about the legendary life of the hard bitten, for those who just love to dance the night away…”

These songs began back East, when Ciurczak’s father was a professional musician at the Military Academy of West Point, and The Beatles’ debut inspired young teen Tom to begin writing songs. Honed over the decades, the best of those musings were chosen from dozens of notebooks for I Ain’t Ever Growing Up: Volumes I and II. The album explores the passion, romance, struggles, humor and hardships of everyday life, much like its predecessor, Volume I, which was well-received by audiences and critics alike in August 2023; it made the Americana charts, spending weeks in the Top 200 Alternative Country and AMA Americana.

Volume II shares eight memorable adventures in life and love, inspired by the classic rock sounds of Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Warren Zevon, and Steve Earle. Ciurczak says several musical geniuses collaborated on the collection, with backing vocals from Harrison Crenshaw and Jayme Palmer, Matt Hornbeck’s electric guitar and Travis Carlton’s bass guitar. Aaron Durr, Steven Haaker and Matt Lomeo chime in with their keyboards, drums and harmonica, respectively. Recorded at Frogtown’s Perfect Sound Studios, Grossman and Haaker also mastered, produced and engineered the albums. Ciurczak sings lead vocals and plays acoustic guitar.

Outside of the studio, The Tom Ciurczak Band have been performing at live venues across LA and Orange County, with upcoming performances on June 22nd at The Mint, and at the Whiskey a Go-Go on August 15th. A full schedule of Ciurczak’s live shows can be found at https://tomciurczak.com/calendar

I Ain’t Ever Growing Up: Volume II is available in CD and digital formats everywhere, such as Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, Pandora, and Apple Music. Physical CDs are available on the artist’s official website, on Bandcamp, and at his live shows.

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Small Town Girls (5:39)

Mexican Jail (3:17)

Lie To Me (3:34)

Day Drinker (3:59)

Not My Problem (2:50)

Heaven (3:30)

I Ain’t Ever Growing Up (4:06)

War Of The Worlds (4:31)


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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@tomciurczak8782

About the Artist:

Southern California singer/songwriter Tom Ciurczak offers up an infectious blend of energetic rhythms, danceable beats and powerful storytelling lyrics that make you think you are listening to a crossbreed of Bruce Springsteen, Warren Zevon and Steve Earle, complete with Eagles-esque harmonies and hook-laden Eric Clapton style guitar work. Brought up to appreciate the intricacies of music by his father, a professional musician at the Military Academy of West Point, Tom learned, early on, about music’s complex and distinct sounds and rhythms as well as the imagery that great storytelling can evoke. His first album, Call Me Ishmael, made the Top 150 on the AMA Charts. His success inspired a wave of albums including I Ain’t Growing Up Volumes I and II, and California Christmas Tales. Tom is fully-committed to life on the road as he regularly performs at music venues throughout California’s Southland to promote his own brand of California-style Outlaw Rock. https://tomciurczak.com

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From the album “I Ain’t Ever Growing Up Volume II” performed live at “Campus Jax” in Newport Beach

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