New Series “Haunted Ireland” with Paranormal Investigator Chris Fleming now Streaming on Discovery Plus & HBO MAX

Chris Fleming from Haunted Ireland

Haunted Ireland

Haunted Team; Evelyn Hollow (Parapsychologist), Chris Fleming (Presenter, Medium, Investigator), Vogue Williams (Presenter), Ryan O’neill (Tech expert)

Witness shocking spirit contact and audio communication captured during their investigations of Ireland’s most haunted locations.

believing is one thing, knowing is another.”

— Chris Fleming

CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES , October 31, 2023 / — Get ready for a spine-tingling adventure as the highly-anticipated television series, “Haunted Ireland” with the USA’s very own world-renowned paranormal investigator Chris Fleming, premieres on Discovery Plus and HBO Max. This captivating new paranormal series takes viewers on a supernatural journey through the hauntingly beautiful landscapes and rich history of Ireland, revealing the untold stories of the country’s most enigmatic and chilling ghostly encounters.

“Haunted Ireland” is the follow-up to the previous hit series, “Haunted Scotland” and once again brings together the team of Scotland’s own Ryan O’neill (paranormal Tech expert), Evelyn Hollow (parapsychologist), and newcomer Ireland’s own TV presenter Vogue Williams, in a perfect blend of history, folklore, and paranormal investigation as it explores the eerie mysteries that have baffled residents and investigators for generations.

Chris Fleming, a Chicago native and seasoned investigator with over 23 years of presenting and appearing on paranormal TV, and over 50 years of paranormal experiences, has a passion for the unexplained and serves as the show’s co-host, guide, and associate producer. With his keen intuition and extensive knowledge of the spirit world, Fleming provides audiences with a unique perspective on the supernatural encounters he and his team experience.

The show’s episodes are filled with bone-chilling evidence collected during on-site investigations. From ancient castles and misty moors to haunted hotels and desolate ruins, “Haunted Ireland” takes viewers on a journey through the paranormal hotspots to make contact with the spirits, said to haunt there. Sure to captivate the imaginations of thrill-seekers and skeptics alike.

In addition to the investigations, “Haunted Ireland” delves into the cultural and historical aspects of these haunted locations. The show introduces viewers to the fascinating stories of Ireland’s past, connecting the dots between history, folklore, and the supernatural.

“Haunted Ireland” is a must-watch for anyone interested in the paranormal, and Irish history, or those simply looking for a thrilling and immersive television experience. The show promises to deliver heart-pounding moments and captures of direct communication with the spirits of Ireland as well as reveal a deeper understanding of the mysterious world of ghosts and hauntings.

4 episodes of “Haunted Ireland” are now available in the USA and Canada for streaming on both Discovery Plus and HBO Max, with 6 more to follow (10 episodes total). Allowing viewers to enjoy the series at their convenience. With an exceptional blend of storytelling, investigations, and historical context, this series is set to be a hit for both paranormal enthusiasts and those looking to explore Ireland’s dark and mysterious past. The full season of “Haunted Scotland” is also available, right now, on both platforms. The series is currently airing in the UK/Ireland on Really Channel and Discovery+ UK under the re-title “Spooked Ireland.”

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness the unknown and embark on a journey into the supernatural with world-renowned investigator Chris Fleming in “Haunted Ireland.” For more information and to start streaming the series, visit Discovery Plus and HBO Max today.

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