Najar Investigations featured in upcoming episode of A&E Networks documentary series ‘Green Eyed Killers’

The upcoming episode explores a volatile love triangle, which led up to a man’s murder in 2003, sending shockwaves through a small, rural city in California.

We took the investigation seriously from day one with the intention of getting justice for Mr. De La Riva, and hopefully some closure for his family.”

— Mohammed Najar, CEO

MURRIETA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 14, 2024 / — The tragic case of a deadly love triangle that captivated the small rural city of Perris, California more than two decades ago will return to the spotlight and be the focus of an upcoming episode of A&E Networks’ documentary series “Green Eyed Killers,” which includes an interview with Najar Investigations.

Mohammed Najar, CEO and lead investigator of Najar Investigations, a leading private investigations firm in Southern California, was interviewed last month by Peninsula Productions, which produces ‘Green Eyed Killers’ for A&E Networks. Najar provided a harrowing account of the grisly murder and investigation into the death of Tomas De La Riva, whose relationship with a woman turned deadly. Najar is a former Riverside County sheriff’s deputy who was a part of the investigation, and recalled how De La Riva was targeted in an execution-style murder in 2003 stemming from an elaborate plan his girlfriend and her lover were accused of hatching.

The air date of the episode of “Green Eyed Killers” featuring Najar Investigations has yet to be released.

“Violent crimes that lead to death or serious injury are often a result of a volatile relationship or extramarital affairs. Unfortunately, Mr. De La Riva became a victim of this common situation, and ultimately it cost him his life,” said Najar.

“This case was a sad and tragic story about an innocent man who died at the hands of someone he trusted. We took the investigation seriously from day one with the intention of getting justice for Mr. De La Riva, and hopefully some closure for his family.”

Historically, crime statistics have indicated the victims of murder had a previous relationship to their killer. Women are more likely than men to be victims of intimate-partner violence that results in their death. In 2021, 34% of female murder victims were killed by their intimate partners. Men accounted for about 6% of those murder victims, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. In California, an average of 124 women were the victims of murder by their intimate partners. In addition, about 45% of those victims were in the process of separating from their partner, according to non-profit organization Shelter From The Storm.

Najar Investigations provides an array of private-investigative services for its clients, including but not limited to: infidelity, background investigations, fraud claims, missing persons, asset tracing and more. The services offered by Najar Investigations could be of tremendous value to prospective clients who are experiencing a tumultuous relationship and harbor concerns about their personal safety.

“Hopefully, viewers who watch the episode become enlightened by the details of the murder case involving Mr. De La Riva and consider taking precautionary measures if their relationship has become volatile – and they suspect it could lead to violence,” said Najar.

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