Multi-Talented Filmmaker & Author, Terry C. Carney, Sr., Launches Dynamic New Website Showcasing Documentary and Memoir

Terry C. Carney, Sr.

Platinum City Golden West Entertainment & Films

Put the Guns Down: A World Epidemic

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2024 / — Today marks a significant milestone for Terry C. Carney, Sr., as he unveils his new website,, offering an immersive experience into his world of impactful storytelling and social advocacy.

Terry C. Carney, Sr., a multifaceted filmmaker, author, and community leader, has captivated audiences with his compelling narratives that delve deep into the heart of societal issues. His latest endeavors, the documentary “Put the Guns Down: A World Epidemic,” and memoir “Last Man Standing,” are now showcased on his dynamic new website.

“Put the Guns Down: A World Epidemic,” produced by Ice-T and directed by Carney Sr. and Eric Herbert, confronts the stark reality of gun violence with unflinching honesty. Set against the backdrop of South Central Los Angeles, this groundbreaking documentary offers a sobering glimpse into the deep-rooted societal issues perpetuating violence. Through candid interviews and raw footage, Carney sheds light on the profound impact of economic struggles and inadequate mental health care, challenging viewers to take action and drive meaningful change.

In “Last Man Standing,” Carney provides readers with an introspective view of the unforgiving streets of Los Angeles and its aftermath. Groomed by criminal masterminds, hustlers, and gangbangers, Carney’s memoir delves into themes of faith, destiny, and redemption, showcasing the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

Terry C. Carney, Sr., also known as a community leader and musician, has earned prestigious awards such as the “Fathers in Hip Hop Fatherhood Acknowledgement Award” and the “TAF Dignitary Award of Supreme Excellence,” highlighting his positive influence and significant contributions to the community.

Through his dedication to addressing critical social issues, Terry C. Carney, Sr., continues to make waves in the entertainment industry, offering thought-provoking narratives that inspire change and drive meaningful dialogue.

As the visionary founder of Platinum City Golden West Entertainment & Films, Carney’s studio is committed to producing content that challenges, educates, and inspires. With a focus on critical social issues, his work seeks to drive societal change and stimulate meaningful dialogue.

His collaboration with Cornell Ward and affiliation with the office of Karen Bass, the esteemed Mayor of Los Angeles known for her dedication to social causes, underscore his dedication to amplifying diverse voices and addressing critical issues.

Diversity in the National Security Network nominated Terry C. Carney, Sr., as a Special Representative Against Gun Violence Initiative. He joins a cadre of celebrities, including ICE-T, Big Daddy Kane, Ray Mercer, Melle Mel, and many more!

Terry C. Carney, Sr.’s new website serves as a hub for his impactful work, inviting visitors to explore his documentary, memoir, and future projects.

Discover Terry C. Carney, Sr.’s groundbreaking documentary and gripping memoir at Stay updated on upcoming projects and initiatives as he continues to amplify voices, ignite crucial conversations, and drive positive change.

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