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LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 25, 2023 / — Producers Damien Douglas from Movies By Misfits, Thomas Walton (Camp Pleasant Lake), Matthew Macur (Menorah In The Middle), Jared Safier (Stay Out), and Lenny Vitulli (A Tear In The Sky) from Lux Angeles Studios announced the release of three spine-chilling movies set to debut on Bet Plus, on October 26th.

The first two offerings, Paradies 1 and Paradies 2, are part of a thrilling horror franchise that centers around actress Jhone Y. Lucas in the lead role. These films, directed by Dale Stelly (Compton’s Finest), are set to immerse viewers in a world of suspense, terror, and supernatural intrigue. Prepare to be enthralled as Lucas navigates through nightmarish realms, confronting unimaginable horrors that will test her limits and unravel her very existence.

“We are thrilled to present these three exceptional films to horror enthusiasts,” said the producers on a joint statement. “Each movie offers a unique and immersive experience, pushing the boundaries of fear and captivating audiences with compelling narratives and performances. We are confident that these films will leave a mark on the genre.”

In addition to the Paradies franchise, audiences will be treated to Stay Out, an enthralling black magic horror film starring Kareem Grimes in the lead role. This film marks the directorial debut of Jared Safier. Stay Out pushes the boundaries of horror cinema, weaving a web of darkness, mystery, and occultism that will leave viewers questioning their own reality.

The producing team behind these chilling cinematic ventures is a powerhouse of talent. Damien Douglas, Thomas Walton, Matthew Macur, Jared Safier, and Lenny Vitulli have combined their expertise and creative vision to deliver a trifecta of terror.

Jhone Y. Lucas is represented by Good Shepherd Management, Kareem Grimes is represented by Zero Gravity Management, Daniel Hoff Agency and AVO Talent Agency.

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