May 12 Global Nurse-Thanking Mission Takes Clint Eastwood’s “Heartbreak Ridge” Path to Obstacle Solving

“THE NURSES WALL” – a grateful public’s virtual gift to the world’s frontline hero nurses, and memorializing the 2.500+ who died choosing work and caring for their patients during the Battle of Covid-19.

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Pamela Jane Nye, Nurse / CEO, Operation Scrubs Inc., nonprofit / Creator-Mission Director of THE NURSES WALL

“Adapt. Improvise. Overcome” line in the Eastwood film was key to the May 12 global gifting of THE NURSES WALL to the world’s 20+ million unsung hero nurses.

It’s free. Takes very little time. And what’s not to like about posting a ‘thank you’ message on THE NURSE WALL as a gift to the world’s 20+ million unsung hero nurses on May 12th? Seriously!”

— Pamela Jane Nye

MALIBU, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 11, 2023/ — It’s National Nurse Week, and like every other year, the news media, talk shows, companies and hospitals will use this week to spotlight and show affection with predictable gifts of cards, candy, pastries, flowers, compliments, interviewing and honoring some graciously accommodating nurses.

And according to one nurse source, “Good messages about nurses are certainly appreciated, as are the nice gifts people give them. But in reality, nurses generally don’t like or want to be honored, nor displayed as something special for doing what nurses love to do – provide kind quality care for their patients.”

One insider source is Pamela Jane Nye, an acclaimed career and globally respected nurse who took the pandemic and created a unique way for people quickly and effectively show their appreciation for nurses — she created and is the Executive Director of THE NURSES WALL — an infinitely lasting virtual wall that millions of nurses will genuinely appreciate, as will the millions of nurse-appreciative patients who posted their brief “thank you” messages.

Describing THE NURSES WALL’s mission, Nye mentions the World Health Organization declaring 2020 to be globally celebrated as the Year of the Nurse. Covid-19 stole that celebration. And Nye was determined to find or create a way to take it back.

Aside from her given nurse bias, Nye’s take-it-back motivation had its challenges, beginning with the fledgling nonprofit business Nye created to provide tuition-free continuing nurse education, scholarships for working nurses, and positive nurse image awareness worldwide.

Other distractions included fluid Covid-19 restrictions and a corporate sponsor that pulled its financial backing for “Not wanting to be associated with something that perceived nurses to be in the same hero category as military, police and firefight responders.”

Nye’s response could have been due to the motivational line taken from Clint Eastwood’s Heartbreak Ridge film when she said, “When nurses are confronted with doing something that isn’t working, ‘you need to improvise, adapt and overcome.'”

And while Nye admits her enjoyment of Clint Eastwood films, she denies having previously seen Eastwood’s Heartbreak Ridge film. Now, however, Nye has no problem crediting Eastwood and his Heartbreak Ridge film as a recommended source for dealing with unexpected mission obstacles.

Explaining THE NURSES WALL, Nye describes it as ” … an online virtual image within which people can post, and nurse can read their brief nurse-appreciative messages. It’s free. Takes very little time. And what’s not to like about posting a ‘thank you’ message on THE NURSE WALL as a gift to the world’s 20+ million unsung hero nurses on May 12? Seriously!”

And Nye adds with a relaxed smile, “These messages don’t honor; they’re thanking nurses, and they come from the people nurses care about most – their prior, current and future patients.”

One thing causing Nye’s scrubs to bunch has been, to date, the inability to convey the magnitude, benefits and historical importance of THE NURSES WALL to media, celebrity agents, their managers, PR firms and major companies.

As a result, Nye now pitches media, celebrities, agents, managers, PR firms and companies by providing copies of her published media releases, e.g., this one stating, “Recruit and tell as many people as possible to post nurse-thanking messages on THE NURSES WALL on May 12, 2023. Then include family, friends, co-workers, customers and social media contacts to do the same thing.”

Here’s the link people can click to post their nurse-thanking message,” Nye emphasizes, adding, “And this link connects to the live and recorded global streaming of the NightinGala and THE NURSES WALL gifting celebration on May 12 beginning at 3:30 PM/WEST COAST-PST/USA.

When Nye was asked for a closing thought, she smiled, and with the inclusion of a quote from the Star Wars Jedi Knight Master Yoda character, she said, “If you’re serious about wanting to show your appreciation for nurses by committing to post a ‘thank you’ message on THE NURSES WALL on Friday, May 12. Then, ‘Do or do not. There is no try!”

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