Historic Roxie Theater Sets the Stage for ‘THIS IS YOUR SONG’ Dazzling Premiere on Memorial Weekend in San Francisco
Historic Roxie Theater Sets the Stage for ‘THIS IS YOUR SONG’ Dazzling Premiere on Memorial Weekend in San Francisco

Audience attend the San Francisco Premiere of THIS IS YOUR SONG

Actor Jordan Potch, Actress Joanna Kay, Director Hassan Said

Q&A session hosted by Dottie Lux with Director Hassan Said

Groundbreaking Film ‘THIS IS YOUR SONG’ Captivates Audience at Roxie Theater with Spectacular Premiere, Director Hassan Said Reflects on Triumphs and Future.

Watching films in a theater is a sacred experience. The connection with strangers, even for a finite moment, is holy. Keep watching films at the cinema. Keep the communal, profound experience alive.”

— Hassan Said, Director

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 12, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — On Memorial Day weekend, the highly anticipated San Francisco-made film “THIS IS YOUR SONG” premiered at the historic Roxie Theater, drawing a diverse audience. This event marked a significant milestone for the film, which has already garnered acclaim and accolades following its Los Angeles debut.

The screening was followed by an engaging Q&A session with the film’s director, Hassan Said, hosted by the esteemed Dottie Lux. The conversation provided a unique opportunity for attendees to delve deeper into the film’s themes, production challenges, and artistic choices. Audience members posed impactful questions, reflecting their curiosity and engagement with the film’s narrative and technical achievements.

“THIS IS YOUR SONG” has captivated audiences with its compelling story and groundbreaking cinematography, featuring the longest single take in American film history. The film’s premiere at the Roxie Theater celebrated San Francisco’s vibrant film community and the creative spirit that defines the city. Director Hassan Said expressed his gratitude for the warm reception and insightful questions from the audience. “It was incredibly rewarding to share ‘THIS IS YOUR SONG’ with the San Francisco community, where the film was conceived and brought to life. The engagement and enthusiasm from the audience were truly inspiring,” Said remarked.

Many audience members who have seen the film more than once communicated how much more impactful and immersive it was on the big screen. Due to this overwhelming response, there are plans for potential theatrical screenings in other cities and countries in the near future, allowing even more viewers to experience the film in its full cinematic glory.

As “THIS IS YOUR SONG” continues to make waves in the film industry, the successful premiere at the Roxie Theater stands as a testament to the film’s universal appeal and the power of storytelling. Furthermore, distributor Indie Rights showcased the film at the MARCHÉ DU FILM during the 77th CANNES FILM FESTIVAL, igniting significant interest for potential international distribution across various channels.

The independent film is now available for streaming on major platforms, including Amazon Prime Video, Tubi, YouTube, and Google Play, allowing a wider audience to experience this extraordinary cinematic journey. Currently streaming in the United States, UK, and Canada, it will soon be available in other countries around the world.

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This Is Your Song I Extended Trailer

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