H3 Entertainment’s Official Hong Kong Launch Event: “REN(AI)SSANCE – Pioneering Entertainment 3.0”

HONG KONG, CHINA, August 22, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — H3 Entertainment marked its entry into Hong Kong with the launch event “REN(AI)SSANCE – Pioneering Entertainment 3.0” on August 18, 2023. Hong Kong’s established entertainment industry and its supportive stance on Web3 along with its technological development make it an ideal location for H3 Entertainment’s base.

Switzerland’s Ella Media AG, a generative AI company, was the co-host of the event. They presented their AI tools designed for efficient content creation. In collaboration with H3 Entertainment, Ella Media AG will integrate their AI tools into the H3 Entertainment system, emphasizing responsible usage of AI to boost efficiency and to enhance the content development process alongside producers, writers, and content creators.

H3 Entertainment bridges Hollywood with Web3, Metaverse, and AI technologies, pioneering a new era of entertainment. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and blockchain, H3 Entertainment is progressively dismantling the barriers of the traditional entertainment sector, fostering a fairer and more profitable entertainment ecosystem for artists, creators, IP holders, and fans.

The event had international guests fly from China, Germany, Japan, Korea, London, and Switzerland, highlighting the event’s global significance. A welcoming address was delivered by H3’s partner Ander Tsui, the founder of VertexLabs, a leader in Metaverse, Web3, and AI infrastructure. Mr. Johnny Liu, Chairman of Dragon Reign, known for its holistic services in Web3 and Mr. David Jin, Founder of Modacubo S.R.L Italia and MT Collection- Global both took the stage to show support for H3 Entertainment. H3 Entertainment is looking forward to garnering a deeper and strategic relationship with Mr. Liu through incorporating Dragon Regin’s innovative Web3 infrastructure technologies into entertainment.

Other partners and advisers who attended the event included Michelle Kumagai, a respected producer and entertainment manager; Michael Liu, Founder of Fam Capital, a global venture capital and consulting firm focusing on Web3, AI, and Cybersecurity; Steve Li from Avant Blockchain Capital; and Daren Marketplace, a Web3 E-commerce marketplace.

Mark Rau, founder and CEO of H3 Entertainment, in a statement during the event, remarked, “Our presence in Hong Kong, coupled with Web3 technology and AI expertise of Ella Media AG, promises a fresh direction for the entertainment industry. The success of the ‘REN(AI)SSANCE’ event marks a significant stride towards the new era of Entertainment 3.0.”

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