Green Energy’s Vanguard: ‘In Visible Light’ Breaks New Cinematic Ground
Green Energy’s Vanguard: ‘In Visible Light’ Breaks New Cinematic Ground

In Visible Light – Official Poster

In Visible Light. Gianmarco Donaggio performing live, Mirage film festival

In Visible Light – Gianmarco Donaggio performing live

In Visible Light, Gianmarco Donaggio, Greg Pope, Talk.

Talk: the performative element of cinema (Mirage Film Festival)

Visionary artist Gianmarco Donaggio has crafted a unique generative and live-edited film experience, inviting audiences to witness electricity as never before.

I work with images and not for images”

— Gianmarco Donaggio

OSLO, NORWAY, October 16, 2023 / — Amidst the bustling frenzy of the film industry, where countless projects vie for your attention, emerges a film that defies all conventions.
Ideated and executed by established avant-garde filmmaker Gianmarco Donaggio, In Visible Light is not just a film, it is a mesmerising performance, a cinematic experience generating from its author’s hands during the projection. The first screening at the Mirage Film Festival garnered an overwhelmingly positive response. Among the audience, it has been described as an unparalleled and electrifying sensory experience, with vivid colors and vibrant soundscapes that left a lasting impression.

In Visible Light invites us to embark on a transformative journey of conscious consumption. It calls upon us to be mindful of the energy that powers our digital interactions and to recognise the profound link between our actions and the health of our planet. Just as the kinetic energy of nature converges into the infrastructure of electricity, our choices converge into a collective impact, a ripple that resonates across ecosystems. However, the performance refrains from prescribing any particular direction or shaping opinions; instead, it masterfully unveils the captivating interplay between nature and our screens through the prism of exquisite craftsmanship. At its essence, this work delves into a profound philosophical exploration: the notion of a film presenting its own materiality, electricity, as its subject, echoing the subtlety found in the most intriguing conceptual artworks. In Visible Light skilfully plays with the concept of elevating the medium itself to the role of the subject, offering a unique perspective on the contemporary generation and distribution of images. As Gianmarco Donaggio aptly puts it, “I work with images and not for images,” a statement that underpins the rationale behind the choice to live-edit the film, ensuring an ever-open doorway to boundless creativity.


From the gentle rustle of leaves to the thunderous stream of waterfalls, nature’s kinetic energy births the origins of electrical current. These primal rhythms, often overlooked, cascade into a symphony of motion that sparks life into the grid. The hum of power lines, the delicate currents coursing through circuits, unite the marvels of human ingenuity with the legacy of Earth’s forces. The culmination of this dance manifests on our screens, those glowing portals to a digital realm. With every image, every video, we bear witness to the outcome of this harmonious choreography. Yet, understanding the materiality of the process of electricity is an imperative step towards embracing the true depth of this connection. It reminds us that the pixels that dance before us are not merely abstract patterns but the embodiment of energy harnessed from natural resources.

The performance explained:

The heart of this unique work lies in its innovative approach to filmmaking. It embraces the act of creation itself as a profound dialogue between the filmmaker and the unseen world of electricity. Instead of relying on conventional narratives or information dissemination, the film-performance intricately weaves meaning through the poetic observation of electrical current, harnessing the power of live editing to weave together a tapestry of visuals that evoke wonder and introspection. This alternative approach to classical film screenings results in an openness from both the filmmaker and the audience to unexpected outcomes in every screening. Thanks to the combination of innovative editing software, Donaggio’s work promises to be different at every projection, making this film a unique experience that will transform screening after screening.

Where to catch the show:

Prepare for a global journey as In Visible Light embarks on its world tour, commencing in Europe. Stay in the loop by checking the official film website for the screening calendar. If you represent a venue and are interested in booking the performance, please feel free to reach out directly to the production office via email at [email protected]

In Visible Light
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