“Get Mahoney” earns “must-read” status from Kirkus Reviews  and multiple 5-star reviews on Amazon.com

“Get Mahoney!; A Hollywood Insider’s Memoir” by Jim Mahoney

At the Bob Hope Desert Classic with Bob Hope (left) and Arnold Palmer (center)

Frank Jr. after his kidnapping with sister Tina (left) and mother Nancy Sr. on right and Mahoney far right

Review distributed today to 15,000 Kirkus subscribers/book buyers

I’m very excited to hear so many people are enjoying the book, and the reviews we’re getting are fantastic.”

— Jim Mahoney

LA QUINTA, CA, UNITED STATES, May 15, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — “Get Mahoney; A Hollywood Insider’s Memoir”, the recently released memoir by veteran entertainment industry PR advisor to-the-stars, Jim Mahoney, has recently been reviewed by Kirkus reviews and received a whopping “must-read” review. “I’m very excited to hear so many people are enjoying the book, and the reviews we’re getting are fantastic,” says first-time author, Mahoney. On Amazon.com the reviews are averaging 4.5+ and his hometown newspaper, The Desert Sun, just ran a very flattering front-page article/interview that ran in their Sunday issue (linked here).

The “Get Mahoney” Kirkus review can be seen at a link here.

“A must read remembrance for anyone interested in the golden age of Hollywood and beyond” – Kirkus Reviews.

The review goes on to say, “Mahoney has an affably efficient descriptive style; regarding MGM studio executive Eddie Mannix, for instance, he writes: ‘He was good at greasing palms and burying bones, too.’ Fans of Sinatra will take particular interest in Mahoney’s behind-the-scenes perspective. Once, the singer/actor asked the author to ‘get rid of’ a drunken gambler who was bothering him. Characteristically, Mahoney’s take is dryly humorous: ‘I was a war hero, he thought of me as a tough guy. Nothing could have been further from the truth. My specialty was typewriters and bullshit’.” – Kirkus Reviews

The Kirkus Review will appear in the review site’s bi-monthly magazine that goes out to 15,000 book buyers today (May 15), including libraries, bookstores, agents and production companies and other publishers.

“Get Mahoney!” was the phrase often used when stars and their handlers knew trouble was brewing… to keep their names OUT of the press. Mahoney frequently referred to himself as a better “suppress” agent than Press Agent. Mahoney worked with Clark Gable and dozens of other MGM stars in the 50s, manned the front lines of Frank Sinatra Jr’s kidnapping, hung with the Rat Pack in Las Vegas and was at the party at Peter Lawford’s house the night Marilyn Monroe died. Other clients over the years included: Steve McQueen, Bob Hope, Johnny Carson, Lee Marvin, Burt Lancaster, Christie Brinkley, Peggy Lee, and hundreds more.

“From Gable to Garland, from The Stones to Sinatra, my job was to keep the sweet smell of success from turning into the foul stench of scandal,” Mahoney commented for the book.

“Get Mahoney” is available on Kindle and soft-copy now and will be available in hard copy later in May. The author is planning several book signings in the Los Angeles and Palm Springs area soon. For updates and more information please visit www.GetMahoney.com.

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