Dr. Alex Farnoosh Unveils Combined Treatment for ‘Gummy Smile’ and Gum Discoloration in Beverly Hills

Gum Depigmentation & Gum Bleaching in Beverly Hills – Dr. Alex Farnoosh – The Total Smile

Dr. Alex Farnoosh - The Total Smile - Logo - Periodontist in Beverly Hills

Dr. Alex Farnoosh – The Total Smile – Logo – Periodontist in Beverly Hills

Gum Bleaching Treatment in Beverly Hills - Dr. Alex Farnoosh - The Total Smile

Gum Bleaching Treatment in Beverly Hills – Dr. Alex Farnoosh – The Total Smile

Beverly Hills Periodontist Dr. Alex Farnoosh pioneers a combined treatment for ‘Gummy Smile’ & gum discoloration, setting new standards in cosmetic dentistry

Addressing both the ‘Gummy Smile’ and gum discoloration simultaneously is not just about aesthetics; it’s about holistic transformations that bring confidence and beauty to every smile.”

— Dr. Alex Farnoosh

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, USA, August 29, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — In cosmetic dentistry, true innovators shine by constantly pushing boundaries. Dr. Alex Farnoosh, an esteemed cosmetic dentist and periodontist in Beverly Hills is once again setting new standards by proudly introducing a revolutionary dual treatment that tackles the challenges of both the ubiquitous “Gummy Smile” and unsightly gum discoloration, offering patients a comprehensive solution to two pervasive dental aesthetics challenges.

Dr. Farnoosh, with his prestigious Beverly Hills practice, is no stranger to the global stage. His pioneering methods have consistently garnered attention, but it’s his holistic philosophy towards smile transformation – termed “The Total Smile” – that truly sets him apart. At its core, this philosophy is built on three pivotal elements essential for an alluring smile:

Gums that Gleam – Healthy, vibrant gums lay the foundation for an appealing smile.

Teeth that Turn Heads – They’re the stars of the show, and their beauty is paramount.

The Perfectly Poised Upper Lip – Its position can make or break the harmony of a smile.

Dr. Farnoosh emphasizes that when these components are in impeccable harmony, they culminate in a smile that’s not only visually striking but also exudes genuine confidence.

Historically, cosmetic dentistry often approached issues in isolation. A “Gummy Smile”, which reveals an inordinate amount of gum tissue, was one such issue. Recognizing the negative impact of this disproportionate gum-to-tooth ratio, Dr. Farnoosh pioneered the “Lip Lowering” technique, a procedure designed to gracefully minimize gum visibility. Parallelly, he noticed another prevalent concern: gum discoloration. Dark or brown pigmentation on the gums, while natural for some, is a cosmetic concern for many. To combat this, Dr. Farnoosh conceptualized and developed the “Gum Bleaching” technique, a process he detailed in renowned international dental journals.

Until recently, patients seeking relief from both these concerns had to undergo two separate treatments, each with its own set of appointments, recovery times, and financial considerations. Recognizing the inconvenience this posed, Dr. Farnoosh embarked on a mission to innovate once more. The result? A harmonized procedure that treats both gummy smiles and gum discoloration concurrently.

On this latest advancement, Dr. Farnoosh shared, “Every patient is unique, but many commonalities exist in the concerns they voice. The dual treatment was born from the desire to offer a more efficient, yet equally effective solution for those seeking comprehensive smile enhancement.”

Feedback from early adopters of this combined procedure is overwhelmingly positive. Beyond the evident cosmetic improvements, many report a profound surge in self-confidence and overall well-being. For Dr. Farnoosh, this holistic impact reaffirms his commitment: “Our smiles are more than just aesthetics. They’re deeply intertwined with our self-image, our interactions, and our daily joys. Enhancing a smile is about enriching life.”

For those keen on exploring this innovative procedure or seeking more details on Dr. Farnoosh’s transformative approach to cosmetic dentistry, consultations can be scheduled at his Beverly Hills clinic. Online, a wealth of information, including patient testimonials and transformative before-and-after images, await exploration.

In the world of cosmetic dentistry, where innovation meets artistry, Dr. Alex Farnoosh is leading the charge, one radiant smile at a time.

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