Donia Youssef Champions Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October with ‘MONSTER IN MUMMY’

The Monster in Mummy book.

Author Donia Youssef holding a copy of her book 'MONSTER IN MUMMY' at Waterstones

Book launch at Waterstones, Greenwich, London

Donia Youssef after her 4th round of aggressive Chemo

Celebrity award-winning author&cancer survivor, steps to the forefront this Breast Cancer Awareness Month, advocating for greater understanding&empathy

Breast Cancer Awareness Month isn’t just about wearing pink or sharing statistics. It’s about human stories, raw emotions&the collective strength we find when we stand together.
Author: Donia Youssef”

— Donia Youssef

ESSEX, UK, October 2, 2023 / — In a time when cancer statistics remain daunting, with thousands grappling with the illness each day in the UK alone, Youssef’s ‘MONSTER IN MUMMY‘ provides a glimmer of hope, understanding, and compassion. This tool book, ingeniously crafted for young readers, demystifies the complexities of cancer, making it comprehensible for children.

Having personally battled the ailment, Youssef’s narrative isn’t just a story – it’s a testament to resilience, a beacon of strength, and a message of hope. “It’s not just about educating our children,” says Youssef, “but also empowering the countless mothers, fathers, siblings, and caregivers who find themselves caught in the storm that is cancer. We need narratives that comfort, not scare.”

This October, Donia Youssef is urging schools, families, and communities to take a proactive stand. “Breast Cancer Awareness Month isn’t just about wearing pink or sharing statistics. It’s about human stories, raw emotions, and the collective strength we find when we stand together,” Youssef comments.

She further emphasises the role literature plays in understanding and coping, advocating for ‘THE MONSTER IN MUMMY’ as a must-read.

With numerous testimonials from families deeply impacted by the ‘Monster Series‘, Youssef’s initiative aims to reach every household, hospital, and school in the UK. The campaign this October also brings special events, readings, and workshops tailored to help children grasp the intricacies of cancer, emphasising the importance of support and empathy.

For Donia Youssef, the mission is clear. “If through ‘MONSTER IN MUMMY’, we can spark even one meaningful conversation between a parent and child, bring solace to one person battling cancer, or offer clarity to a confused young soul, our mission would be a step closer to completion.”

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