Don Crucifixto’s Debut Album “Misunderstood” to Ignite Musical Revolution September 2, 2023

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Don Crucifixto’s 9 track Debut Album “Misunderstood” to Ignite Musical Revolution

When the music hits the soul, the soul understands nothing else but the rhythm”

— Don Crucifixto

LAGOS, NIGERIA, August 22, 2023/ — Don Crucifixto’s Debut Album “Misunderstood” to Ignite Musical Revolution on September 2, 2023

The forthcoming release of the debut album “Misunderstood” by the artist Don Crucifixto is generating significant anticipation within the music industry. Scheduled to launch on September 2, 2023, the album promises to offer a distinctive and transformative journey through its nine meticulously crafted tracks.

The album “Misunderstood” is emblematic of Don Crucifixto’s unique artistic perspective, skillfully interweaving soulful melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and innovative compositions. Departing from traditional musical norms, the album extends an invitation to listeners to explore a multifaceted sonic landscape that delves deep into the realm of human emotions and experiences. Each track within the album contributes its own narrative, encouraging listeners to immerse themselves in the intricacies of human sentiment.

A noteworthy highlight is the track “Agba Baller,” a pre-released single that has already achieved an impressive milestone of 10 million streams. Serving as a testament to Don Crucifixto’s broad appeal, the success of “Agba Baller” has amplified anticipation for the album “Misunderstood.” This momentum is further heightened by the impending release of the second single, “Killy Killy,” accompanied by a visually captivating music video, all set to debut on September 2, 2023.

The release of “Misunderstood” is accompanied by a range of engaging online experiences that provide direct interaction with Don Crucifixto’s creative realm. These experiences, showcased on the artist’s official website and various dynamic social media channels, offer exclusive content and behind-the-scenes insights, enhancing the enigmatic allure that surrounds the album.

The debut album, “Misunderstood,” is poised to make its mark on the music industry, delivering a collection of tracks that resonate deeply with audiences across the globe. Don Crucifixto’s ability to seamlessly fuse auditory and visual storytelling is a testament to his exceptional artistic prowess.

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About Don Crucifixto:

Don Crucifixto, also known as Tumininu Oluyole, is a multifaceted Nigerian artist, songwriter, movie producer, entertainer, and philanthropist. With a background encompassing successful entrepreneurship and academic achievements, including a Bachelor’s in Accounting and a Master’s in Information System, Don Crucifixto’s diverse talents shine through various creative avenues.

Before entering the music industry, Don Crucifixto established a strong presence in filmmaking, which greatly informs his current role as the head of Don Crucifixto Entertainment. This multifaceted media powerhouse, established in August 2020, encompasses a record label, artist management, and publishing/distribution, based in the United States.

Since his music debut in 2021, Don Crucifixto has consistently released compelling singles, with notable collaborations such as “Super Woman” featuring American singer Lele Latrice. Guided by an unwavering passion for pushing creative boundaries, “Misunderstood” marks his debut album, promising an immersive and resonant musical journey that transcends conventional norms.

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