Diane Foster’s Directorial Debut of Horror Comedy “Easter Bloody Easter” Hops into Streaming on March 26, 2024

“Easter Bloody Easter” producer and star Diane Foster in the Director’s Chair

Diane Foster in a dream sequence from "Easter Bloody Easter" from WallyBird Productions

Diane Foster in a dream sequence from “Easter Bloody Easter” from WallyBird Productions

Kelly Grant, Diane Foster and Zuri Starks in a scene from “Easter Bloody Easter.”

Kelly Grant, Diane Foster and Zuri Starks in a scene from “Easter Bloody Easter.”

Soundtrack Available on Spotify on March 20th and World Premiere in Los Angeles on March 21st

…this film is a quirky murder mystery that brings to Easter what it has been missing—an unforgettable movie Monster and a chance to laugh, scream, and sing along…”

— Diane Foster, filmmaker & star

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, February 29, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Director/producer Diane Foster’s WallyBird Productions is proud to announce the video-on-demand (VOD) release of “Easter Bloody Easter” (Gravitas Ventures) on March 26, 2024. The outrageous horror comedy feature film, which is Foster’s directorial debut, will stream in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. She also stars and sings in the romp as a Texas housewife who fights a bloodthirsty Jackalope to save her husband and discover the creature’s true identity before her town is destroyed forever. Pre-orders are available now on iTunes/Apple TV.

Foster says, “I am excited for families and friends to add watching “Easter Bloody Easter” to their holiday traditions. As the first installment in the franchise, this film is a quirky murder mystery that brings to Easter what it has been missing—an unforgettable movie Monster and a chance to laugh, scream, and sing along, just like “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

The film was awarded the ReFrame Stamp, an initiative from Women in Film, The Sundance Institute and IMDB, recognizing the project as a gender balanced production.

Foster adds, “With over 95% of our ‘Easter Bloody Easter’ team as female-identifying, we are so honored to be recognized for gender parity and for fulfilling our mission and commitment to equality and inclusion.”

There are over 75 pieces of original music in “Easter Bloody Easter” and 10 full songs. Award-winning BMI Composer Mark Vogel worked tirelessly with Foster to create the beat and rhythm of the completely fictional Walburg, Texas. Each character of the film has its own melody, including the Jackalope and the Demon Bunnies with their own musical theme. WallyBird Productions will also be releasing five music videos from songs featured in the film.

The catchy soundtrack will be available on Spotify on March 20th and as a collector’s vinyl record. The soundtrack features sing-along favorites including the new sultry “Santa Baby” of Easter, “Honey Bunny,” sung by Foster, and “The Bunny Hop,” that will surely become a new favorite viral TikTok dance, reminiscent of large party dance-alongs.

An exclusive World Premiere Screening will be held at the Landmark Nuart Theater in Los Angeles on March 21st.

About the Film
“Easter Bloody Easter” is the directorial debut of Diane Foster, who also stars, and it is the second feature for her WallyBird Productions. The ensemble cast features Diane Foster, Kelly Grant, Allison Lobel, Zuri Starks, D’Andre Noiré, Zachary Kanner, Miles Cooper and Gavin Lee. The film is written by Allison Lobel, produced by Diane Foster, Allison Lobel, Kelly Grant, Mitch Olson, Liana Montemayor, Rafi Jacobs, and Will Amato. Cinematography is by Alexa Cha and film editing is by Nancy Foster. The iconic demon bunnies were created by Jesse Velez of Raptor House FX, who are known for creating the infamous “Hand” (from Netflix’s “Wednesday,” starring Jenna Ortega). The film’s legendary Monster, the Jackalope, was created in Foster’s vision of a hilarious yet scary oversized Bunny Deer made by Alexandra Bayless (daughter of EmmyⓇ-winning makeup artist William Bayless), Ashley Stansbury, and Lydia Morales. The classic Sound Design for “Easter Bloody Easter” was created by 5-time EmmyⓇ-winning sound designer, Paca Thomas, mixed at Advantage Audio Post and colored at the prestigious ArsenalFX Color by colorist Andrew Starnes.

“Easter Bloody Easter” is an outrageous horror-comedy shrouded in mystery. Set in Walburg, a small Texas town, a series of violent bloody murders has the locals on edge and scared for the upcoming “Easter-palooza.” The mayor refuses to cancel the festivities and argues that the famous “Egg Hunt” only happens once a year. “Jeanie” (Diane Foster), our heroine, wakes to find her husband “Lance” (D’Andre Noiré) missing, and his wrecked car covered in blood and fur. “Sam” (Zachary Kanner), the town’s resident conspiracy theorist, in the search for Lance, steers Jeanie and her best friend “Carol” (Kelly Grant) to the legend of the killer Jackalope that ravaged their town 150 years ago. Much like a werewolf, the Jackalope is a shapeshifter—human one moment and giant horned rabbit the next. It’s up to Jeanie and Carol, to follow the bunny tracks and uncover the fluffy truth. After encountering the Jackalope’s demon bunny army, the ladies team up with “Megan” (Zuri Starks), a professional bunny slayer, to hunt for the creature’s true identity. Despite the present danger to the town, Jeanie’s nemesis; the self-righteous head of the church committee, “Marylou” (Allison Lobel), and her faithful church ladies, insist on helping “Mayor Lou” (Adam Slemon) put on the fish fry, the bunny-hop dance, and the Easter bunny costume contest as planned. The Jackalope and his evil minions arrive to attack the events creating chaos, pandemonium, and a mounting death toll. Easter is now: officially ruined. Armed with their cowboy hats and big Texas determination, these unlikely town residents band together to find Lance, solve this mystery, and—bless their hearts—stop the Jackalope once and for all.


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“Easter Bloody Easter” Trailer

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