Dating Like A Dyke LouddMouth Comedy Series Premieres During Pride Month 2024

Sonny | Dating Like A Dyke | Don’t Be The Uhaul Lesbian

A Must Watch LGBTQ+ Series of 2024 that is Exploiting LGBTQ+ Stereotypes Hoping to Disrupt Relationship Toxicity, Narcissistic Behaviors & Self Accountability.

Dating Like A Dyke is a personal opportunity for me to creatively heal from my own decision making as result of my own naiveness in my approach to dealing with my marriage & family foundational issues”

— Sonny

TEMECULA, CA, UNITED STATES, June 13, 2024 / — From the Creator & Producer of the LGBTQ Drama Series – Steele Grey, comes this exciting new comedy series – “Dating Like A Dyke“. Inspired by real events of series creator/writer & comedian actor – Sonny. This scripted, improv, sketch comedy series is taking a hard look at toxicity within relationships & the need for self accountability. The series proudly challenges lesbian, gay & overall societal relationship stereotypes, such as the “Uhaul Lesbian” in Episode 1 “Bag Lady Dude”and exposing red flags in approaching relationships in episode 2 “Red Flags of America”. All episodes are on LouddMouthTV’s Youtube channel.

Sonny (The LouddMouth of Comedy)- Sonny is back at it producing a comedic short web series pulling from true painful yet insightful experiences of a recent marriage which would eventually end in divorce. It was through the courage to look at oneself that would ultimately inspire the show title & depth of the storylines of this authentic comedic spin of taking painful life lessons into a creative mixture of scripted, sketch character portrayals. Sonny stars in the sitcom as her true self – entrepreneur/ comedic host & radio producer of the actively running LouddMouth Radio Network that Sonny embodies everyday, as well as the “Androgynous Monk” a character role of her physical subconscious version of herself.

As Sonny digs deeper into her past decisions & participation of personal neglect, bad decision making, repetitive trauma bonding & allowance of out right narcissistic manipulation of what she confused with love from a spouse not truly capable of facing her own toxic behaviors. Sonny leaves nothing for the imagination as each episode taps into her own self accountability. “Dating Like A Dyke is a personal opportunity for me to creatively heal from my own decision making as result of my own naiveness in my approach to dealing with my marriage & family foundational issues” – says Sonny.

It took me to go through 10 years of chaos & hell with my ex spouse who I would come to discover was narcissistically manipulating almost everything around us, from her own children, grandchildren, other family members, business associates, even church members to provision her wants & desires. This unhealthy level of living for me forced me to recognize my own participation of enablement in my marriage, decades of dysfunction within my maternal side of my family & social circles for me to recognize I had an unhealthy inner foundation & if I did not work to eradicate what was within me with the help of individual counseling & taking responsibility of my own mess, that I would keep drawing these type of interactions continually. After dealing with rogue tenants, which would lead to facing homelessness after losing my home of 12 years, that I owned prior to my marriage to foreclosure, multiple incidences of public embarrassment with my spouse & the undeniable connection of immediate generational family trauma rearing its ugly head, I knew I had to dig deep to unravel some truly toxic magnetic energies that would have to be uprooted in order to renew my life again.”

With pride month on the horizon, Sonny began to actively work to cast, film, edit & act within the goal of getting part if not all the mini episodes up online during the month of June. The project had been under pre-production since the midyear of 2022, Sonny started working on character development & navigating her actual divorce at the same time for the past few years. “I actually conceptualized & created the character “Androgynous Monk” over 6 years ago & did not know how I would bring this character to life. I had a desire to create my own new age type of “Carol Burnett Show” network with other comedians/ comedic actors for years. I knew this character would be fitting if given the right space to come alive. I would have never imagined that it would take something so drastic to take such a toll over my life that it would be the perfect moment to bring the Monk to life” says Sonny. As of June 13, 2024, 3 of the 8 episodes are online.

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