D1 Global Corporation USA Celebrates Milestones and Innovations at Star-Studded Events

Diamond Celebration of Blogtalk with MJ Racadio in Hollywood

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From Sacramento to Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 21, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — D1 Global Corporation USA, in partnership with Hollywood’s renowned blogger and celebrity influencer MJ Racadio, recently celebrated the 10th Anniversary of Blogtalk with MJ Racadio in Los Angeles. The event brought together Hollywood elites, including directors, producers, musicians, and Grammy and Emmy award winners, to showcase the groundbreaking Uniwave by Quantes Technology. Dato’ Sri Dr. Barani Karunakaran, a prominent figure in global direct selling and the Founder and Charter President of the Global Federation of Direct Selling Associations graced the event as the Chief Guest, reinforcing the company’s deep connections within the entertainment industry.

The demonstration of Uniwave by Quantes Technology captivated the celebrity attendees, who were impressed by its potential and immediate health benefits. This led to rapid adoption among Hollywood’s finest, who shared glowing testimonials about the technology’s effectiveness within a week. Their endorsements have significantly boosted Destina1’s visibility and credibility in the tech and entertainment sectors. Destina1 is overwhelmed to welcome VVIP celebrities from Hollywood who have begun using our product, enhanced with Uniwave by Quantes Technology, and have experienced remarkable changes. Also, they happily shared their testimonies, which was very overwhelming. Our VVIP celebrity users are as follows: Lisa Lew, Founding Producer of Judge Judy and 4x Emmy Award Winner; Peter Brennan, creator and executive producer of A Current Affair, Judge Judy, and Good Day New York, and 4x Emmy Award Winner; Andrei King @ King.Dreii, Hollywood Instagram Influencer; Maria Damian, CEO of Legacy Entertainment USA; Prince Stefan, Filipino Comedian and Actor; Septimius The Great, International music artist, fashion model, and actor, and winner of Executive Award at Akademia Awards with 9 Grammy Awards FYC Nominations; Chef Angel Quinsay, Celebrity Chef on Hulu’s Gordon Ramsay’s MasterChef Junior; and Jeff Francisco, Filipino American Actor, Producer, Director & Art Director.

The overwhelmingly positive response from Hollywood celebrities also highlighted their gratitude towards Destina1 Global, not only for its health benefits but also for its role in transforming their lives through the “D1 Social Entrepreneurship” platform. This platform has been instrumental in enabling them to achieve financial freedom while managing chronic health issues, underscoring the profound impact of Destina1’s mission on their lives.

Aligning with the bigger purpose that reflects the vision and mission of D1 Global Corporation, we remain committed to building a better world by empowering individuals to enhance their health and lifestyles while fostering solid global communities. This event demonstrated the celebrities’ strong alignment with the company’s purpose; they were particularly drawn to the concept of “D1 Social Entrepreneurship.” By supporting this initiative, they aim to leverage their influence to transform lives globally, embodying the role of “Chosen Ones” who can make a significant impact. This vision and mission are woven into every facet of the company’s activities, driving its efforts to impact lives worldwide positively.

Additionally, the event marked a significant moment for Kritalia & Co.’s Exclusive Handcrafted Italian Designer Jewellery. This functional jewelry, known for enhancing inner health, external beauty, and various physical attributes, garnered an extraordinarily positive response from the attending celebrities. Their interest in the unique designs and health benefits led to a new collaboration to build Kritalia & Co.’s brand identity among Hollywood’s elite. This partnership promises to elevate the brand’s presence and appeal within this glamorous community, furthering its reach and impact in the industry.

Simultaneously, D1 Global Corporation USA celebrated the first anniversary of Team Edgar Racadio & Betty Racadio, Mariebeth Garcia Racadio, and Mr. Bryan Abesamis in Sacramento, California. The event highlighted the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in business. Organized by Mr. Hondo Dacumos, Vice President for D1 Global Corporation USA, and Mr. Deceno Dacumos, Chief Development Officer, the anniversary blended celebration and strategic demonstration of Destina1’s innovative technologies.

During this celebration, numerous users shared personal stories about how Destina1 International‘s products dramatically improved their lives and health. Moreover, they have shared their stories of achieving financial freedom through the “D1 Social Entrepreneurship” platform. These testimonials underscored the company’s significant role in fostering positive change. Many attendees became successful social entrepreneurs through the D1 Social Entrepreneurship platform. This expression of thankfulness underscores the transformative power of the company’s offerings, resonating deeply with the event’s spirit of celebration and community impact.

Another anniversary highlight was Destina1 International’s participation in the prestigious Sacramento Gun Show, where they demonstrated the innovative Uniwave by Quantes Technology. Key leaders such as Mr. Hondo Dacumos, Mr. Deceno Dacumos, Mr. Bryan Abesamis, Mr. Edgar Racadio, and Dato’ Sri Dr. Barani Karunakaran attended this exhibition. The practical applications of these advanced technologies in health showcased the company’s commitment to improving lives, instilling hope and reassurance in our audience.

Under the visionary leadership of Dato’ Sri Dr. Barani Karunakaran, Destina1 International is set to expand its reach, with plans to establish 100 wellness centers across the USA by 2027. This initiative is part of the company’s broader mission to build a better world by empowering individuals to enhance their health and lifestyles while fostering solid global communities.

The leaders of D1 Global Corporation, regarded as the “Chosen Ones,” are more than entrepreneurs; they are champions of change, helping people transform their lifestyles and overcome health challenges. This mission to empower and improve lives globally is not just a business strategy but a commitment to creating a better world. Their dedication and passion inspire us to strive for personal achievement and contribute to our communities. This role has bestowed a profound sense of purpose and fulfillment on the leaders as they continue to touch lives and empower communities across the globe.

These celebrations and testimonials from high-profile figures underscore D1 Global Corporation’s impactful presence in the health and entertainment industries, setting new benchmarks for how technology and celebrity influence can collaborate to promote wellness and lifestyle enhancements globally.

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