Astral Plane Viking Character “Hevn” featuring Writer Director Actor James P. Lay

Producers Kris Black(p.g.a.) & Jason Wolf announce Science Fiction Viking Love Story

LAS VEGAS, NV, UNITED STATES, October 30, 2023 / — Blue Voodoo Technologies has announced production of their time travel love story film “Astral Plane Viking“, inspired by George Harrison and British Writer/Philosopher Alan Watts experiences in the 1960’s with transcendental meditation and Astral Projection. Watts gained a following while working as a volunteer programmer at the KPFA radio station in Berkeley in the 1960s’.

Shepherding the project are Producers Jason Wolf and Kris Black (p.g.a.), helming the film is Writer, Director, Composer, Professor and Top Hollywood Sound Designer James P. Lay. Lay with an extensive sound design career on some of the biggest box office films of the past 20 years including the horror cult classic “Jeepers Creepers”. Lay has his latest film “The Other Side of Infinity” releasing later this year, a supernatural science fiction film about the last day of the sun, it follows four story lines moving non-linear time, three time periods; present day, the 1960’s and the 1700’s.

Quite often focused on heady large concept science fiction concept films, Lay is also known for(and his highest rated film on Amazon) dark absurdist observational humor films like his 2016 film “Razor” featuring a hypocrisy sniffing Hyena who is the mascot and “spiritual guide” for an obscure rarely seen cult “The Puritans” that live in the Arizona desert and look very similar to the Amish.

“This is the first time I have decided to actually play a character in a film that has lasted more than 3 seconds” says Writer Director Lay, “Typically I like to take the more Hitchcock approach with a cameo appearance in my films but Jason(Wolf) the Producer suggested I play the older version of the leading character “Hevn” in the film so I have spent the last 18 months working out at the gym twice a day, growing my hair and beard to achieve an authentic Viking look”. “James has totally dedicated himself to the role, transforming himself into this character even adopting the popular “Carnivore Diet” to build muscle” says Wolf.

Mums the word regarding the overall plot of the film but the little we know Lay designed an out of this world 24 carat gold plated flying 1929 model A car (think Chitty Chitty Bang Bang meets Mad Max) for the film. The lead character “Hevn” as a child, transcends to the Astral Plane to imbibe the importance of being in the here and now which will assist him later in life to find his stolen lost love “Freya” who was whisked away by his childhood nemesis “Starcad”.

The film is scheduled to go into production in late spring 2024.

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Trailer for “The Other Side of Infinity”

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