‘Children of Peace’ at NYC Independent Film Festival

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Poster 'Children of Peace'

Poster ‘Children of Peace’

Maayan Schwartz, film director of 'Children of Peace'

Maayan Schwartz, film director of ‘Children of Peace’

Scene from 'Children of Peace'

Scene from ‘Children of Peace’

Scene2 from 'Children of Peace'

Scene2 from ‘Children of Peace’

‘Children of Peace’ by Maayan Schwartz

A universal story about co-existence between enemies and majority-minority relations.”

— Maayan Schwartz, film director

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 14, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — At the 15th edition of the NYC Independent Film Festival in New York some outstanding documentaries will be screened. One of the highlights this year is ‘CHILDREN OF PEACE’ by Maayan Schwartz.

‘CHILDREN OF PEACE’ by Israelian filmmaker Maayan Schwartz is a story about children who were brought up in a utopic social experiment in the only community in the world where Palestinians and Israelis chose to live together in co-existence. Arabs and Jews have lived in ongoing conflict for over a century. A group of dreamers decided to challenge everything they know about their nationalities and histories and founded a village in 1970s Israel as a social experiment. The film follows the many children who were brought up in this unique environment. In this bold attempt to raise a new generation their internal struggles and the outside conflict challenged their revolutionary eco-system. The children of peace are now grown men and women dealing with the harsh reality of political turmoil, war and societal segregation.

Schwartz: “This is not another film about the conflict. To me it is a far more a universal story about co-existence between enemies and majority-minority relations. This village is a rare social experiment and this was a great opportunity to witness the results from a personal, unique and humanistic point of view.”

Maayan Schwartz was born and raised in Neve Shalom-Wahat al Salam in Israel. Growing up in a mixed community, has profoundly shaped his outlook on life and his approach to documentary filmmaking. Living in a place of harmony and mutual respect has given him an appreciation for the beauty of diversity and tolerance, and has informed his work in film by emphasizing the importance of understanding and empathy. His films explore the depths of the human experience, highlighting the need for connection, communication, and understanding across cultural boundaries. He strives to create stories that bring people together, inspiring hope and dialogue in the midst of conflict.

The NYC Independent Film Festival in New York focuses on independent filmmakers who do not have the support of major film companies, but often have to write, produce, finance and make their own film projects individually. To support those makers, the NYC Independent Film Festival is the platform to present their films for a week – from 4 to 11 June 2023 at the Producer’s Club in New York, West 44th and 9th.

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