CHASING GYPSY, Florida’s Rising Female Alternative-Pop/Rock Artist Releases Debut Single ‘Drifting Days’

CHASING GYPSY, a talented Female Alternative-Pop/Rock artist from Florida, unveils her captivating debut single ‘Drifting Days’ to the world.

DESTIN, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 27, 2023/ — Christy Larsen, a remarkable Female Alternative-Pop/Rock artist hailing from the sunny shores of Florida, USA, is poised to enter the music scene with her highly anticipated debut single, “Drifting Days.” Packed with infectious melodies and powerful vocals, this track is set to captivate listeners and establish Christy Larsen as an artist to watch.

With a private “pre-release” listening link now available on Christy Larsen’s Soundcloud account, eager fans and industry insiders have been granted an exclusive sneak peek into the musical world of CHASING GYPSY. The Soundcloud link can be found here.

Scheduled for digital release on Saturday, July 1st, “Drifting Days” will be accessible across major streaming platforms, allowing a global audience to immerse themselves in the enchanting soundscapes crafted by Christy Larsen. The digital release is being facilitated through Tunecore, a trusted platform renowned for its seamless distribution services.

Even before its official launch, “Drifting Days” has already garnered immense praise from influential figures within the music industry. A prominent podcaster and former Veteran Canada Radio Program Director, Alan Cross remarked, “This is cool! A lovely melody, a touch of Stevie Nicks, maybe; keep me posted on this.” The support and recognition from respected individuals like Alan Cross serve as a testament to Christy Larsen’s immense talent and potential.

Dreamy Paradise, a renowned Spotify playlist curator in the USA, expressed their excitement, stating, “This was my first experience of CHASING GYPSY, and after hearing ‘Drifting Days,’ [Chasing Gypsy] will be one of my favorite artists for sure!” Such an endorsement from a respected curator further solidifies the belief that CHASING GYPSY’s music possesses a unique quality that resonates deeply with listeners.

Moreover, Christy Larsen has received approval from Glacer FM, a prominent radio station in the USA, for the broadcast of “Drifting Days” on “The Mark & Wayne Show.” This exciting opportunity ensures that Christy Larsen’s music will reach a broader audience, allowing her artistry to shine on the airwaves.

Playlist curators are equally enthusiastic about CHASING GYPSY’s music. Music Victory, an influential playlist curator, exclaimed, “This is absolutely brilliant! I really enjoyed ‘Drifting Days,’ and it will find its place on the playlist as soon as it is live on Spotify.” Independent Music Playlists, a respected UK Playlist Curator, praised the song’s “epic sound,” highlighting the classic acoustic rock/pop sound, gorgeous vocals, and laid-back feel.

Led by singer-songwriter Christy Larsen, CHASING GYPSY is a female-fronted group that embarked on its musical journey in 2022. Christy Larsen’s mission is to craft music and songs that leave a lasting emotional impact on listeners, evoking genuine emotions and connections. With a desire to foster direct artist-fan relationships, Christy Larsen aims to create an immersive experience for her audience, inviting them to embark on a musical journey together.

“Drifting Days” marks the first release from CHASING GYPSY’s highly anticipated 4-song EP, titled “Fistful of Dreams,” slated for release in late summer 2023. The meticulous attention to detail and heartfelt dedication poured into the creation of this EP is evident, as Christy Larsen has spent approximately eight months perfecting the tracks that will undoubtedly resonate with listeners.

As the release of “Drifting Days” approaches, the overwhelmingly positive reactions from playlist curators, radio stations, and media outlets are a testament to the extraordinary talent and potential of CHASING GYPSY. The anticipation surrounding this debut single signifies a promising future for Christy Larsen, setting the stage for an exhilarating musical journey that will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the industry.

For media inquiries, interview requests, or additional information, the official website of Chasing Gypsy can be visited.

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CHASING GYPSY, a dynamic Female Alternative-Pop/Rock group hailing from Florida is on a mission to create music that deeply resonates with listeners. Led by singer-songwriter Christy Larsen, their debut single ‘Drifting Days’ marks the beginning of an exciting musical journey.

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