Britannic Auctions Announces Historic Unveiling of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rope” Storyboards
Britannic Auctions Announces Historic Unveiling of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rope” Storyboards

UNITED STATES, May 22, 2024 / — Britannic Auctions is pleased to announce its landmark online auction event featuring a previously unseen collection of materials from Alfred Hitchcock’s groundbreaking 1948 film, “Rope.” This significant auction, set for June 8, 2024, offers film historians, collectors, and enthusiasts an unparalleled glimpse into the creative process of one of cinema’s most revered directors.

According to Britannic Auctions, the items to be auctioned include original storyboard sketches, set diagrams, and extensive production notes, revealing the meticulous planning that went into creating “Rope.” The film is famed for its appearance as a single continuous shot, a technical marvel of its time, and the collection provides incredible insights into the innovative techniques Hitchcock employed.

Additionally, the lot features materials such as Hitchcock’s hand-drawn storyboards, detailed lists of camera movements, prop lists, and panoramic skyline diagrams that were used to enhance the film’s special effects. Until today, these materials have been preserved in the collection of Robert Graham Wahn, a Warner Brothers publicist who worked with Hitchcock on “Rope’s” publicity, as well as “Strangers on a Train”. Their relationship lasted throughout the filmmaker’s later career into the 1960s, and these never before seen materials have remained with Mr. Wahn’s family until now.

“We are honored to bring such a significant piece of film history to the public,” says Chris Nabil, President of Britannic Auctions. “This auction not only highlights the genius of Alfred Hitchcock but also celebrates the intricate art of filmmaking. It’s a rare opportunity for collectors and film aficionados to own a piece of cinema history that has influenced countless filmmakers and continues to inspire today.”

In addition to the storyboards and production notes, the auction will also include other memorabilia from Wahn’s private collection, such as his signed copy of “Hitchcock/Truffaut”, a seminal book on film theory and practice. The book, accompanied by a letter from Hitchcock himself, provides further depth to the collection, linking personal correspondence with the tangible materials used during the film’s production.

The provenance of these items is impeccable, with documentation and personal notes that trace back to their original use during the making of “Rope.” Such provenance adds to the historical value of the materials, making this auction a landmark event for both serious collectors and academic institutions.

Britannic Auctions invites all interested parties to register for the auction through its website at Early registration is recommended to ensure participation in this event.

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