Brazilian Songstress K Sea Ya Takes Center Stage With New Release
Brazilian Songstress K Sea Ya Takes Center Stage With New Release

Music That Builds Bridges Between The Ancestral & Modern

Music has always attracted me, inviting me to explore healing processes and the ability to feel.”

— K Sea Ya

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 14, 2024 / — K Sea Ya is the artistic name of Kecia Felix Donnelly, a singer-songwriter from Brazil who found a new home in California. Her musical signature combines her creative expression with the performance flow through reconnection with memory and regeneration. Her latest single, “Menina Grão,” is a vibrant expression of this fusion is currently available on various streaming platforms. Vevo is slated to release the music video on YouTube before the end of this month.

K Sea Ya’s is a creative, multifaceted artist with a mystical vibe and contemporary sounds deeply rooted in Brazilian Popular Music. Her work mirrors our times, offering a gradual experience that allows each nuance to reveal itself, making it relevant and engaging for listeners.

“Music has always attracted me, inviting me to explore healing processes and the ability to feel. My compositions emerge intuitively, reflecting my personal experience and themes that have involved me in the art of performance for a decade. They address issues such as origins, rites of passage, and connection with the environment, acting as a guiding compass. Listening, composing, and singing enrich my expression and strengthen my perception of life, communicating something meaningful to the present context,” – reflects K Sea Ya.

In ‘Menina Grão,’ K Sea Ya takes us on a journey of reflection on the feminine and the ancestral cultural legacy of Minas Gerais, Brazil, where she was born and raised. The music creates a mystical atmosphere, emphasizing the girl’s passage into adulthood and delivering the message of “cabocla” wisdom connected to the earth, where a new being emerges. The song, inspired by the musical aesthetics of “congada”, Brazil’s cultural and intangible heritage, is a tribute to Brazilian identity and cultural origins.

The single was recorded at Lunik studio in São Paulo, with production and arrangements by Caíto Marcondes and sound engineering by Gian Berselli and Danilo Aurelio. Homero Lotito carried out mixing and mastering. K Sea Ya (voice) was accompanied by Lulinha Alencar (accordion), Shen Ribeiro (flute), Raquel Coutinho (percussion and choir), Priscila Garcia (choir) and Caíto Marcondes (percussion).

The music video for ‘Menina Grão, ‘directed by K Sea Ya is a powerful testament to the feminine message and the significant role of women as bearers of knowledge. She shares: “Music transcends the voice, also embracing body movement. In the video, I highlight the feminine message and the important role of women as bearers of knowledge. My work reflects the process of healing and integrating memory and belonging, inspiring my creative expression. Reconnecting with our origins and nature is crucial for the future, and emotional awareness can guide us on this journey.”

“Menina Grão,” like the previous single “Crisálida” (2023), will be part of the album “Cantos para Transições” which is currently being produced and promises to be a milestone in the artist’s career.

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