Born 2 Hustle hustles its way to the “Most Popular Drama” on Tubi in its First week

Cast Miguel A. Núñez Jr & K. D. Aubert

Both Sharp and Elerson echoed the similar response…”The cast makes the movie and we are super thankful to all those who believed in the script and answered the call.”

— Gregg Sharp on the movie

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 9, 2024 / — Born 2 Hustle hustles its way to the “Most Popular Drama” on Tubi in it’s first week. The story of three sisters on the “Hustle” has hustled its way to the top of the list on Tubi TV in it’s first week out with over a half million members watching the new release. With a cast filled with seasoned actors, the first installment of the three, hit a homerun in it’s release and has established the pace for the next two sequels to come.

Morgan – The Father (Miguel Nunez Jr.) leaves his three daughters the secret to the hustle as they start down a path that will lead to roads less traveled. He leaves behind his support through Aunt Damaria (KD Aubert) and several other keys to his previous life.

Ajah (Dominique Alston) and Stephanie (Veronica Rich) shine as they anchor the movie when they find out that their savings are blown and need to take their fathers advice.

With other such notable stars at Quinton Aaron, Carlo Mendez, M.C. Gainey, Glen Plummer and Katherine Norland this well-rounded cast brings out a new beat to Urban Drama Movies.

One Shot Films (Curtis Elerson) and Garage 2 Fitness (Gregg Sharp) deliver on this multi developing drama that certainly keeps your attention throughout the movie. This is a definite must see on Tubi TV.

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