Boost from Famed FabFitFun & Many Key Celebrities: OTC: AVRW

Avenir Wellness Solutions Stock Symbol: AVRW

Avenir Wellness Solutions $AVRW with Brand Ambassador #NicoleKidman….

$AVRW products in FabFitFun

$AVRW products in FabFitFun

$AVRW Avenir Wellness’ Seratopical DNA Complex

Avenir Wellness $AVRW / Sera Labs Partnership with Nicole Kidman

FabFitFun and Influencer Endorsements Drive Sales Growth for Seratopical Revolutions Skin : Avenir Wellness Solutions, Inc. (Stock Symbol: AVRW)

Avenir Wellness Solutions, Inc. (OTCMKTS:AVRW)

our margin expansion initiatives continue to deliver results with improvement from the third quarter, and we continue our overall cost containment initiatives to further reduce SG&A expenses”

— Avenue Wellness (AVRW) CEO Nancy Duitch

SHERMAN OAKS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 21, 2024 / — Solid Growth Reported for Seratopical Revolutions Skin Care Line with Boost from Famed Beauty Box FabFitFun and Endorsements from Key Celebrities, Influencers and Top Medical Professionals: Avenir Wellness Solutions, Inc. (Stock Symbol: AVRW)

Avenir Wellness Solutions ($AVRW) Skin Care and Nutraceutical Products are Available at Major Retailers Including Amazon ($AMZN) Walmart ($WMT), Target ($TGT), and CVS Health ($CVS)

For more information on Avenir Wellness Solutions ($AVRW) visit: and

 Proprietary Nutraceutical & Topical Delivery Systems for Wellness and Anti-Aging Beauty Product Lines.

 Company Currently Holds 15 Patents.

 Seratopical Revolution Skin Care is Personally Used and Endorsed by Global Brand Ambassador & Strategic Partner Nicole Kidman and Other Major Celebrities.

 LA-Based Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Persky Directly Supporting All Seratopical Revolution Plant-Based Products, Backed by Science with New “Ask the Expert” Videos, Answering Questions Directly from Customers.

 Net Revenue in Q4 of 2023 Increased to $1.1 Million or 11.7%, Also Increased Sequentially from Q3 2023 by $43 Thousand, or 4.4%.

 Sales Benefits Commencing From New Relationship with Leading Online and Beauty Subscription Box Retailer, FabFitFun.

 Avenir Wellness (AVRW) Seratopical Revolution Cracked Heel Souffle Selected for FatFitFun’s Summer 2024 Subscription Box Selling 80,000 Units in 43 Minutes.

 Began Development of a New TikTok Shop to Capitalize on the Evolving Digital eCommerce Landscape which Launched in the Second Quarter of 2024.

 Media Exposure in Top-Tier Publications Including CNN Underscored, Page Six, PEOPLE Magazine, and More.

Avenir Wellness (OTCQB: AVRW) is a broad platform technology company that develops proprietary wellness, nutraceutical, and topical delivery systems. The technology, which is based on 15 current patents, offers a number of unique immediate- and controlled-release delivery vehicles designed to improve product efficacy, safety, and consumer experience for a wide range of active ingredients. As a vertically integrated platform company, Avenir Wellness (AVRW) looks to partner or license its IP technology with wellness companies worldwide.

Sera Labs, a wholly owned subsidiary of Avenir Wellness (AVRW), creates high-quality products that use science-backed, proprietary formulations. Products are sold under the brand names Seratopical, Seratopical Revolution and SeraLabs. Avenir Wellness (AVRW) Sera Labs products are sold direct-to-consumer (DTC) via online website orders, including opt-in subscriptions, and also sold online and in-store at major national drug, grocery chains, convenience stores, and mass retailers including Walmart, CVS, and Target as well as on the platform.

Famed Beauty Box Fab Fit Fun is also now starting to feature strong sales positioning for the Avenir Wellness (AVRW) Seratopical Revolutions line, further supported by new Instagram listings as can be seen here:

Avenir Wellness (AVRW) has a current focus on the beauty and wellness markets which are growing at rapid rates. The global wellness sector, despite the pandemic, saw exponential growth in 2021 with a market size of $1.5 trillion, according to McKinsey. There is a strong overall and growing demand for supplements and nutraceuticals, a $587.3 billion market, according to the 2021 Grandview report. The beauty and personal care industry is a $534 billion market now and is set to grow 5.87% year over year according to Terakeet’s 2021 Beauty Industry Report.

Nicole Kidman, After Discovering Seratopical Revolution On Her Own, is the Global Brand Ambassador of Avenir Wellness Because it is the Very Best Option

Avenir Wellness (AVRW) is represented by the famous Nicole Kidman as a Strategic Partner and Global Brand Ambassador.

Avenir Wellness (AVRW) continues to receive high-profile media attention with exposure for the company’s Seratopical Revolution product line. Avenir Wellness (AVRW) was able to secure coverage in top-tier publications, including CNN Underscored, Page Six, PEOPLE Magazine, and more. These placements garnered over 513M media impressions for the increasingly popular and successful Avenir Wellness (AVRW) Seratopical Revolution brand.

Some examples of the latest Avenir Wellness (AVRW) media exposure may be seen at the following links:

SeratopicalRevolution_CNNUnderscored_8.30.23 1.pdf

SeratopicaRevolution_People_8.30.23 1.pdf

Image 9-1-23 at 2.14 PM (1) 1.jpeg

Seratopical_WholeFoodsMag_8.24.23 1.pdf

Fourth Quarter 2023 Results; New Initiatives Showing Encouraging Results

On May 17th Avenir Wellness (AVRW) announced results for its fourth fiscal quarter ended December 30, 2023.

Key financial highlights for the fourth quarter included the following:

Avenir Wellness (AVRW) net revenue in the fourth quarter of 2023 increased to $1.1 million from the same period in 2022 by $0.2 million, or 11.7%, and also increased sequentially from Q3 2023 by $43 thousand, or 4.4%. The quarter benefited from a new relationship with leading online and beauty subscription box retailer, FabFitFun.

Gross margin increased 407 basis points year over year in the fourth quarter of 2023 due to improved working capital management offset in part by a higher proportion of sales coming from our wholesale channel of distribution with its lower margins than our higher-margin direct-to-consumer sales channel.

Gross margin for the third quarter of 2023 decreased sequentially from the second quarter of 2023 by 26 basis points due to a shift in sales channel mix with a higher proportion of wholesale sales to Amazon and FabFitFun which resulted in shipments of approximately $0.3 million.

Cost containment initiatives led to a favorable impact on SG&A expenses (excluding non-cash charges) for the fourth quarter with a decrease of $357 thousand in 2023 compared to 2022 driven by decreased spend on advertising and promotion of $325 thousand lower overhead by $32 thousand. Net operating loss from continuing operations (excluding non-cash charges) improved by $0.9 million in 2023.

Avenir Wellness (AVRW) CEO Nancy Duitch said: “We expect accelerating sales will reaffirm the improving overall trajectory of the business. Further, our margin expansion initiatives continue to deliver results with improvement from the third quarter, and we continue our overall cost containment initiatives to further reduce SG&A expenses and maximize operating leverage. Fine-tuning our Search Engine Optimization (SEO), bringing our media buying in-house, and achieving successful monthly campaigns like theSkimm continue to deliver for us as we execute on our strategy to build our brands.”

Other operational highlights during the fourth quarter of 2023 included:

The newly formulated Avenir Wellness (AVRW) Seratopical Revolution Cracked Heel Souffle was selected for inclusion in FatFitFun’s Summer 2024 subscription box selling out an astonishing 80,000 units in under 43 minutes. Click the link to view Instagram videos on our Cracked Heel Souffle.

The Avenir Wellness (AVRW) DNA Complex hero product continues to perform as the subscription base grows.

Wholesale sales led by Amazon continue to grow with all the positive product reviews.

2024 Marketing Growth Plans to Shareholders for Seratopical Revolution Skin Care Line with Support from Nicole Kidman and Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Persky

On February 13th Avenir Wellness (AVRW) issued a Letter to Shareholders from CEO Nancy Duitch which contained the following information:

The Avenir Wellness (AVRW) team has been working diligently to expand marketing plans for 2024 and beyond. Current plans continue to include support from our Global Brand Ambassador Nicole Kidman as well as renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Michael A. Persky, M.D., F.A.C.S..

Nicole Kidman, who personally entrusts her own skincare to the Seratopical brand products, will continue to be an integral part of Avenir Wellness (AVRW) advertising campaigns through the use of her images and commentary as will Dr. Persky who joined the Avenir Wellness (AVRW) team in September. Dr. Persky will be expanding his support of brand marketing, social media, and advertising campaigns for the patent-pending DNA (Deep Nano Actives) Complex an instant anti-aging skin tightening serum that due to the cutting-edge peptide technology developed exclusively for Avenir Wellness (AVRW) allows the ingredients to penetrate to the dermal layers of the skin. Dr. Persky will also advise along with Rob Davidson on formulating the brand’s future plant-based, cruelty-free, and scientifically grounded products and will continue to add credibility to the product line with his “Ask the Expert” video segments answering consumer questions. In his video segments, which have been very successful thus far and are being used on all social media platforms, Dr. Persky explains in detail why he loves the results and usefulness of the new Avenir Wellness (AVRW) Seratopical DNA Complex.

Link to Dr. Persky Videos

The Avenir Wellness (AVRW) Seratopical Revolution DNA Complex retails for $99.99 and is currently available for purchase at:

Overall, Avenir Wellness (AVRW) has never been in a better position to capitalize on the high intrinsic value of its unique and proprietary skin care formulations. With 15 patents under Avenir Wellness (AVRW) control, the highly positive reviews Seratopical DNA Complex is receiving, and more new products in development, 2024 is set up to be a growth year for Avenir Wellness (AVRW).


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