Black, Female, Book Illustrator Edwina Louise Dorch Wins 2023 American Writing Award

Edwina Dorch, a distinguished Ph.D. psychologist, artist, and award-winning author, emerges triumphant in the 2023 American Writing Awards!

UNITED STATES, January 8, 2024 / — Edwina Dorch is not just an accomplished author; she is a Ph.D. psychologist who has shared her expertise at the University at Albany in New York and Texas A&M. Her artistic talents extend beyond the written word, as she specializes in painting black female figures and seascapes, showcased in local art galleries along the Florida A1A coastline from Jacksonville to Miami.

The American Writing Awards (AWA) 2023 recently concluded, and Edwina Dorch stands out with a Gold Medal and Silver Medal as a finalist in multiple categories. AWA submissions, spanning minor and major publishers, including self-publishers, make it a highly sought-after literary prize.

Edwina’s acclaimed work, “Summertime & the Livin’ Is Easy,” offers a fresh perspective on the Cinderella story, infused with the richness of multicultural experiences. Addressing themes of child poverty and class differences, the middle-grade book becomes a catalyst for young minds to read, learn values, and foster empathy for those less fortunate.

While “Summertime” focuses on pre-teens, Edwina’s 2022 book, “Vanilla, Cinnamon and Dark Chocolate,” explores the effects of colorism on young women in the dating age, providing a backdrop of class differences with references to black American art and music. Her latest release, a 21st-century ‘whodunit,’ introduces a black female protagonist with extraordinary abilities, bravely confronting urban Dark Triad villains.

With her success in the 2023 AWAs Edwina Dorch cements her place among a cadre of black American female authors portraying contemporary heroines. “Summertime & the Livin’ Is Easy” is not just a book; it’s destined for the theater. Edwina is currently adapting her acclaimed work into a play, promising audiences an immersive experience. Stay tuned for announcements regarding productions that bring her enchanting narratives to life on the stage.

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