Arturo E. Mosquera, Cuban Artist, Honored at Mohegan Sun Dental Conference

Arturo Enjoying his Paradise

Dr. Fialkoff Sharing Arturo E. Mosquera’s Art and The ” Chances ” to Come

” Chance Flag ” Flies Over Miami, as Art Creates Spiritual Illusions for Life

The Art and Life of Arturo E. Mosquera, Cuban Artist, was honored at Mohegan Sun CSDA Annual Dental Conference.

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

— Edgar Degas

UNCASVILLE, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, May 20, 2024 / — Dr. Bernard Fialkoff, a 41 year NYC Periodontal / Dental Implant Surgeon, Fellow of the International College of Dentists and Pierre Fauchard Academy; and President of The Foundation for a Drug Free World – The Americas Chapter, presented conferences on Bone / Soft Tissue Grafting and Implants; And Vaping and Illicit drugs at the Charter Oak Dental Conference. Over 100 dental health providers of the New England area, attended the conferences during the Annual Connecticut State Dental Association Convention.

At the outset of his presentations, he honored the memory of Arturo E. Mosquera who was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1982. During this time, his father, Dr. Arturo F. Mosquera was doing his specialty training in Orthodontics while Dr. Fialkoff was doing his training in Periodontic Implants. Both Cuban-born doctors became very good friends and celebrated the birth of Arturo in Memphis. Upon completion of their residencies, Dr. Mosquera moved to Miami, while Dr. Fialkoff moved to New York City.

It was an interesting coincidence that young Arturo studied at Manchester College in Connecticut, where Ben had grown up as a youngster. Even more so, was the coincidence of his very name – ” Arturo or Art in spanish – the language of his father and friend Bernard..

Arturo concentrated on printmaking and art at the Mancherster College. During these years in Connecticut, Arturo became very fond of the Mohegan Sun Resort / Casino, where he and his classmates frequently visited. They enjoyed the atmosphere and liked the energy of gambling, blackjack and poker. Some of his artworks incorporated his interest in playing cards and gambling.

Most recently one of his collages was selected by William Cordova – cultural practitioner of international renown – to be made into a flag and flown on a rooftop flagpole at Bridge Red and Under the Bridge Art Space in North Miami, Florida. The title of the piece is interestingly – ” Chance “. Coincidentally this event was at the same time as the CSDA annual converntion. ” Chance ” ?

Arturo’s untimely tragic death in 2022 at age 40, affected all close to him, however his art continued to flourish and influence the community. And at the Annual Charter Oak Dental Meeting at Mohegan Sun Resort Conference Center, Dr.Fialkoff could not but comment that it seemed Arturo was spiritually communicating. It was curious that Dr. Fialkoff had been invited to speak at Mohegan Sun; The very place Arturo loved to frequent. The myriad of unusual concordance of events proved his artistry extended beyond his physical departure form this earth.

May your Art and Spirit continue and bring your energy to life for years to come. ” Chance ” ? My dear Arturo, may your Artistry of ” Chance ” move eternally forward, gracing the world with mystery, humor and aesthetics on the creativity of all our lives.

” Chance “
Dr. Bernard Fiialkoff
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