Anna Fishbeyn’s “Galaxy 360: A Woman’s Playground” Premieres in New York at The Angelika

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Galaxy 360: A  Illumina and District 12 are flirting; The Baroness Judges; Contestants in their bathings suits displayed during the beauty pageant; Sci fi imagery; The dance of the districts

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Illumina trains the contestants to succeed at the Beauty Pageant; Illumina and District 12 have an argument

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With Audience Interactive Screenings and a Dazzling Dress Code!

Important Film Will Become Iconic Both As A Comedy And As A Powerful Message”

— Entertainment Monthly News

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 25, 2023/ — Anna Fishbeyn is set to unveil her highly anticipated film, “Galaxy 360: A Woman’s Playground,” with a dazzling premiere at the legendary Angelika Film Center on Wednesday, September 13th.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic Rocky Horror Picture Show, this extraordinary film promises an immersive cinematic experience like no other, complete with interactive screenings, a glittery disco dress code, and Late Night Thursday showings throughout the fall.

“We are thrilled to debut at Angelika Film Center and hope to become the new sensation – a sexy feminist Rocky Horror Picture Show,” said Anna Fishbeyn, the brilliant mind behind this cutting-edge sci-fi comedy. The film ingeniously flips traditional gender roles, creating a futuristic world where women reign supreme while men yearn for marriage in a hilarious male beauty pageant. Prepare for ribald, comedic antics as Anna, who also stars in the film as the notorious Illumina, trains the male contestants to be hotter, younger and thinner, while the female judges revel in boundless power and riches.

“I like to tell people that “Galaxy 360’ is ‘Barbie’ After Dark,’” Anna says with a wink. It’s a world where women celebrate their desires, where sexual politics become a game of ping pong, and where women billionaires treat men as personal playthings.

Described by audiences as uproariously funny, deeply poignant, and a riotous experience, the “Galaxy 360” spectacle serves as both social action and social hilarity. Fishbeyn believes laughter is the very catalyst needed to effect genuine feminist change, urging men to join the conversation about gender equity. “First comes the laughter, and after, the empathy,” explains Anna.

“Galaxy 360” has garnered rave reviews, being hailed a future “cult classic in the making” by New York Weekly, and “Important Film [that] Will Become Iconic Both As A Comedy And As A Powerful Message” by Entertainment Monthly News. Film critic from Moviemarker Magazine described the film as “bright, dazzling, and glittery…[Fishbeyn] imagines 2195 seen through a woman’s eyes.” CP24’s Breakfast Television host, George Lagogianes, called Fishbeyn’s directorial debut “a cross between Fellini, Woody Allen, and Saturday Night Live.”

Anna Fishbeyn most recently appeared on NBC Palm Springs and NBC 3 Tennessee to discuss her two passion projects, Galaxy 360 and Anteriya World, a content platform featuring inspirational videos and stories to help empower today’s women.

The film screened during the Cannes 2022 Film Festival, sold out at the Toronto International Film Festival in 24 hours and screened at Royal Cinema Toronto where audiences became enthusiastic participants in the first interactive Galaxy 360 experience.

Now the anticipation for its New York premiere is mounting and the pressure is on. For Anna, New York holds a special place in her heart as the city that gave birth to her artistic spirit.

“New York is where my life on stage began,” Anna recounts, “it’s where I started my journey as a playwright, filmmaker, mother, and feminist!” Her first shows in New York garnered plenty of attention: her first solo show was called “Conversations with My Breasts” and her second show was ”Sex in Mommyville” which opened at the iconic Flea Theater. “I got up on stage when I was a young breastfeeding mother, and now to witness my film’s premiere at the prestigious Angelika Film Center – it’s a dream come true!”

“Galaxy 360: A Woman’s Playground” is not merely a film; it’s a movement that challenges societal norms through the power of laughter and empathy. Be part of the revolution and immerse yourself in this one-of-a-kind cinematic experience.


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