A New Sound Stage and Production Facility Opens in Albuquerque

The seven acre, 96,000 foot facility opened September 1st

We have to have someplace for these people to go.”

— Daniel Holt

ALBUQUERQUE, NM, UNITED STATES, September 20, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Hanover Studios NM has announced its grand opening for outside productions, effective immediately. . The 7.2 acre facility, located on Hanover Road in west Albuquerque, houses a 25,000 sf clear span stage with a towering 42 foot ceiling height, full sound-proofing, power and temperature control, as well as 24,000 sf of production, mill space, wardrobe and catering facilities. A second 25,000 stage adjacent is under construction. A companion 22,000 sf specialized production/post production facility is scheduled to open October 25th .

The studio has been fully certified as a film facility under New Mexico’s film production promotion policy and has already housed projects for Disney’s upcoming Alexander II, as well as some upcoming Nickelodeon “Loud House” scenes. Larger projects, including feature film projects from the major production houses, are on the schedule., but are awaiting the resolution of the Writer’s Guild and SAG strike, now entering it’s sixth month.

Local businessman/attorney Will Ferguson is the developer. “We have been doing movie business at various sites around the city, and it has been fun, but the truth is we needed a purpose-built facility to meet demand. There is only so much the film people can do with old warehouses and empty big boxes: they needed something they could do their work in.”

Sound stages have specialized requirements for sound dampening, power, ceiling reinforcement, rapid heating and cooling, and vehicle access, as well as special purpose out-buildings and set areas. Hanover Studios is the first purpose-built Albuquerque facility since the massive ABQ Studios project now owned by Netflix.

“The film folks like our City, and they deserve a decent venue,” said Ferguson. “The production people that come to town are jazzed to have something that works for them on a par with the properties on the West Coast,” says Daniel Holt, of FX Productions, a New Mexico based special effects company. “It gives Albuquerque a necessary edge over, say, Atlanta or Toronto, that it needs to compete. We have to have someplace for these folks to go.”

New Mexico is on course to do $950 million in entertainment and film related business activity in the coming year. The studio website can be viewed at www.Hanoverstudiosnm.com

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