3 Spiritual Reasons Top American Psychic Shuns New Year’s Predictions

Jack Rourke makes shocking predictions

Multimillion-Dollar Marketing Companies Selling Psychic Predictions Exploit Wellness Culture. Is this a Spiritual Problem? Church & One Expert Psychic thinks so

The public does not understand ESP… Any psychic who does not consider why clients seek predictions risks harming them.”

— Jack Rourke

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, January 2, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Happy New Year! This is the season for change and setting new goals.

New Year’s predictions are also a fun way to mark the passing of time and plan for what is to come.

Forecasting the future can provide a helpful sense of control over an uncertain future. But while most see New Year’s predictions as harmless, others disagree. Can psychic predictions negatively impact achieving wellness goals?

Predictions and Church

Christianity emphasizes consulting fortune tellers or seeking knowledge through means like tarot cards, astrology, or mediums as an attempt to circumvent or control God’s plan.

The Bible warns against false prophets. Christianity requires believers to have faith in God’s wisdom alone. Their fear is relying on foretold events rather than being guided by faith in God puts faith in a power other than God.

The fact mainstream religion frowns upon fortune-telling is no surprise. What is unexpected is a psychic who essentially teaches the same.

Los Angeles Psychic Jack Rourke is an expert at making predictions. His theories on extrasensory perception have been published by the esteemed and scholarly Sounds True platform and he has been featured in national and international media. What makes Rourke unique among celebrity seers is his stance on predictions despite his track record of foretelling events with surprising accuracy.

It has been more than ten years since Rourke has made any serious public prognostications. The last time was during a 2012 appearance on NBC’s “Trisha”- a short-lived syndicated chat show, when Jack informed the world the month and weeks several shocking events would occur. Notably, he stated when a “major arrest of an Olympian” would occur and when “the death of a blonde female country music star” would happen. These two time-specific predictions were the arrest of Olympian Oscar Pistorius, and the passing of Mindy McCready.

2012 was not the first time Jack made public predictions. The Associated Press featured him years prior. In 2006 for 2007 Rourke predicted a collision between a U.S. submarine and what he described as a “Chinese oil tanker” off the coast of Africa. Two months later a collision between a Japanese supertanker and the American naval submarine the USS Newport News collided. Then, in 2007 for 2008, Mr. Rourke correctly foresaw the August 2008 invasion of the Republic of Georgia by Russian troops.

Three reasons Jack Rourke does not provide New Year’s predictions

In recent years Rourke has refused to make predictions due to the emotional and spiritual impacts extrasensory information has on clients. “The public does not understand ESP or the interplay between free will, consciousness, and the environment or how these things produce the experience of self. Any psychic who does not consider why clients seek predictions risks harming them. This is a problem. Everything I do is done in a specific way to protect and provide for those I serve,” says Rourke.

The number one reason Jack does not provide New Year’s predictions is people treat them as entertainment.
Listening to predictions to enjoy hearing what may happen reinforces the false notion life happens at the observer beyond their control. When predictions feel good it risks inflating the ego. If it sounds bad it can produce hopelessness. Just enduring what life brings and reacting to it also negates willpower. Predictions formatted as entertainment are thus spiritually harmful in Rourke’s opinion.

The second reason Rourke does not provide New Year’s predictions is he believes it harmful to create self-assurance by defining oneself by future events.

Rourke teaches the certainty everyone seeks exists in the present moment. The certainty he points to is the animating awareness within, beneath each sentient being’s thoughts, emotions, and impulsive reactions. This awareness, he asserts, is always present – at birth and death, observing even while asleep and dreaming. This observing awareness, not the future, not predictions is the only source of well-being according to Rourke.

According to Rourke psychic predictions direct attention away from the eternal awareness underlying the present moment and into the future. He is convinced focus on the future encourages an imagined future self which he states is abandonment of the divine self within.

Rourke explains, “The emptiness felt when one ignores their divine connection within the present moment paradoxically causes one to seek fulfillment in the future which ultimately leads to more emptiness and craving for another future. This is the wheel of suffering.”

The third reason America’s top psychic does not provide New Year’s predictions is attaching oneself to a predicted event in the future is the number one cause of anxiety.

Psychic predictions can provoke anxiety because they seed feelings of self-doubt in response to what is “supposed to happen.” Also, since the future is inherently unstable as an everchanging mental concept, defining oneself by a predicted event creates a sense of self that never feels real or permanent. Choices then become paradoxical setting up double-binds leading to choice paralysis, overwhelm, and anxiety.

Extrasensory perception as a tool for supporting spiritual evolution is profoundly more meaningful than what this author anticipated. Whereas conventional psychic readings structured as mystical entertainment playfully trigger magical feelings while exploring sentimental and dubious belief systems, what Rourke shares makes traditional religion feel powerfully accessible in a warm and deeply affirming way. Perhaps this is because the purpose of Rourke’s psychic work over the last thirty years has not been to provide predictions as he says, but love.

Love, like psychic predictions, transcends the boundaries of time. Love also thrives in the present, growing with shared experiences, understanding, and commitment. Love does not hinge on foresight or anticipated events; it flourishes in everyday moments, nurtured by mutual care and devotion. Its beauty lies in its unpredictability, the surprises, and the journey shared together.

Predictions may offer glimpses into possibilities, but the depth and richness of love unfold in the authenticity and genuine connections forged day by day, making it a force that does not rely on the predictions of a new year but rather on the unwavering bond between hearts.

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