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High school tourney schedule; golf results; Bangor Raceway starters — High School Sports — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine

High school tourney schedule; golf results; Bangor Raceway starters — High School Sports — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine

Kevin Sjoberg | Aroostook Republican

Kevin Sjoberg | Aroostook Republican

Caribou senior midfielder Willow Whitten, proper, controls the ball towards MDI’s Julia Watras throughout a Class B North preliminary playoff match held Saturday in Caribou. No. 5 Caribou shut out No. 12 MDI 2-Zero and can tackle Medomak Valley in Waldoboro in a quarterfinal match at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

October 22, 2018 Eight:40 pm

Tourney scoreboard





Friday, Oct. 19

Class B

BP1: No. 9 Mount Desert Island Three, No. Eight Hermon Zero

BP2: No. 7 Previous City 2, No. 10 Winslow Zero

BP3: No. 6 Brewer Three, No. 11 Waterville 1

BP4: No. 5 Washington Acad. Three, No. 12 Erskine 2

BP5: No. Four Gardiner Three, No. 13 John Bapst 1

Class C

CP1: No. Eight Dexter Four, No. 9 Calais 1

CP2: No. 7 George Stevens Eight, No. 10 Piscataquis Zero

Class D

DP1: No. 9 Maine School of Science and Arithmetic 2, No. Eight Easton 1

DP2: No. Four Madawaska Four, No. 13 Van Buren Zero

DP3: No. 12 Bangor Christian 2, No. 5 Jonesport-Beals 1

DP4: No. Three Woodland 5, No. 14 Ashland Zero

DP5: No. 11 Fort Fairfield 2, No. 6 Knowledge Zero

DP6: No. 7 Schenck/Stearns 2, No. 10 Hodgdon 1

Saturday, Oct. 20

Class B

BP6: No. Three Mount View 1, No. 14 Medomak Valley Zero


Monday, Oct. 22

Class C

C1: No. Eight Dexter (7-Eight) at No. 1 Fort Kent (11-2-1), Three:30 p.m.

Tuesday, Oct. 23

Class A

A1: No. Eight Oxford Hills (7-7) at No. 1 Lewiston (12-Zero-2), Four p.m.

A2: No. 5 Mt. Blue (Eight-5-1) at No. Four Brunswick (7-5-2), 6 p.m.

A3: No. 7 Hampden (Eight-6) at No. 2 Mt. Ararat (11-2-1), 2 p.m.

A4: No. 6 Edward Little (6-7-1) at No. Three Bangor (10-1-Three), 7 p.m.

Class B

B1: No. 9 Mount Desert Island (6-7-2) at No. 1 Caribou (12-1-1), Three p.m.

B2: No. 5 Washington Acad. (10-5) at No. Four Gardiner (11-Three-1)

B3: No. 7 Previous City (7-6-2) at No. 2 Presque Isle (11-1-2), 5 p.m.

B4: No. 6 Brewer (9-5-1) at No. Three Mount View (15-Zero), Three p.m.

Class C

C2: No. 5 Lee Acad. (7-6-1) at No. Four Sumner (13-1)

C3: No. 7 George Stevens (10-5) at No. 2 Orono (10-Four), Three p.m.

C4: No. 6 Central (10-Three-1) at No. Three Houlton (10-Three-1), Three:30 p.m.

Class D

D1: No. 9 Maine School of Science and Arithmetic (Four-5-1) at No. 1 Central Aroostook (14-Zero)

D2: No. 11 Fort Fairfield (Eight-7) at No. Three Woodland (14-1)

D3: No. 12 Bangor Christian (7-7-1) at No. Four Madawaska (9-5-1)

D4: No. 7 Schenck/Stearns (9-6) at No. 2 Penobscot Valley (13-1), 2 p.m.



Tuesday, Oct. 23

Class A

A1: No. Eight Scarborough (10-Four-1) at No. 1 Gorham (13-Zero-1), 6 p.m.

A2: No. 5 South Portland (10-5) at No. Four Cheverus (9-Three-2), Three p.m.

A3: No. 7 Marshwood (9-Four-2) at No. 2 Falmouth (11-2-1)

A4: No. 6 Kennebunk (Eight-6-1) at No. Three Portland (Eight-Three-Three), 5 p.m.

Class B

B1: No. Eight York (7-7-1) at No. 1 Yarmouth (12-Zero-2)

B2: No. 5 Lincoln Acad. (7-6-1) at No. Four Cape Elizabeth (7-Four-Three), 5 p.m.

B3: No. 7 Leavitt (5-6-Four) at No. 2 Freeport (9-Three-2), 6 p.m.

B4: No. 11 Grey-New Gloucester (7-6-2) at No. Three Greely (Eight-Four-2), 5 p.m.

Class C

C1: No. 9 Sacopee Valley (Eight-7) at No. 1 Waynflete (11-Zero-Three), Three:15 p.m.

C2: No. 5 Monmouth Acad. (11-Three) at No. Four Mt. Abram (12-2), Four p.m.

C3: No. 7 Traip Acad. (7-6-1) at No. 2 Corridor-Dale (13-1), 2:45 p.m.

C4: No. 6 Winthrop (10-Four) at No. Three Maranacook (12-2)

Class D

D1: No. Eight Pine Tree Acad. (9-6) at No. 1 North Yarmouth Acad. (12-2), Three:30 p.m.

D2: No. 5 Richmond (Eight-5-1) at No. Four Buckfield (10-Three-1)

D3: No. 10 Searsport (5-10) at No. 2 Greenville (11-Three), Three p.m.

D4: No. 6 Islesboro (7-Four) at No. Three Temple Acad. (13-1), Three p.m.




Friday, Oct. 19

Class D

DP2: No. 5 Katahdin 6, No. 12 Deer Isle-Stonington Zero

DP3: No. 6 Madawaska 6, No. 11 Schenck Zero

DP4: No. 10 Fort Fairfield 1, No. 7 Shead (2OT)

Saturday, Oct. 20

Class B

BP1: No. Eight Brewer 2, No. 9 Erskine 1

BP2: No. Four Medomak Valley 5, No. 13 John Bapst Zero

BP3: No. 5 Caribou 2, No. 12 MDI Zero

BP4: No. Three Winslow 5, No. 14 Foxcroft 1

BP5: No. 6 Oceanside 2, No. 11 Waterville 1

BP6: No. 7 Mount View Three, No. 10 Ellsworth Zero

Class C

CP1: No. 9 Penquis 7, No. Eight Bucksport 2

CP2: No. 7 Orono 2, No. 10 Mattanawcook 1

Class D

DP1: No. 9 Bangor Christian 2, No. Eight Knowledge Zero


Tuesday, Oct. 23

Class A

A2: No. 5 Mt. Ararat (Eight-5-1) at No. Four Bangor (9-Four-1), 5 p.m.

Class B

B4: No. 7 Mount View (11-Four) at No. 2 Hermon (12-1-1), Three p.m.

Class C

C4: No. 6 George Stevens (5-5-Four) at No. Three Fort Kent (7-5-2), Three:30 p.m.

Class D

D4: No. 10 Fort Fairfield (Eight-6-1) at No. 2 Ashland (11-1-2), Three p.m.

Wednesday, Oct. 24

Class A

A1: No. Eight Hampden (5-Eight-1) at No. 1 Camden Hills (14-Zero), Three p.m.

A3: No. 7 Skowhegan (6-7-1) at No. 2 Brunswick (11-1-2), 6 p.m.

A4: No. 6 Oxford Hills (Eight-Four-2) at No. Three Messalonskee (13–1), Three p.m.

Class B

B1: No. Eight Brewer (11-Four) at No. 1 Presque Isle (11-1-2), 5 p.m.

B2: No. 5 Caribou (Eight-Four-Three) at No. Four Medomak Valley (9-Three-Three), 2:30 p.m.

B3: No. 6 Oceanside (9-Four-2) at No. Three Winslow (14-1), Three p.m.

Class C

C1: No. 9 Penquis (6-7-2) at No. 1 Dexter (14-Zero), Three p.m.

C2: No. 5 Sumner (10-2-2) at No. Four Central (Eight-Four-2), Three:30 p.m.

C3: No. 7 Orono (6-Four-5) at No. 2 Houlton (11-1-2), 5 p.m.

Class D

D1: No. 9 Bangor Christian (6-Eight-1) at No. 1 Central Aroostook (13-Zero-1)

D2: No. 5 Katahdin (13-5) at Four Southern Aroostook (9-5), 1:30 p.m.

D3: No. 6 Madawaska (9-6) at No. Three Penobscot Valley (13-Zero-1), 2 p.m.



Tuesday, Oct. 23

Class D

D3: No. 7 Rangeley (6-5-2) at No. 2 North Yarmouth Acad. (10-Three-1), 1:30 p.m.

Wednesday, Oct. 24

Class A

A1: No. 9 Noble (7-5-Three) at No. 1 Scarborough (14-Zero)

A2: No. 5 Windham (11-Three-1) at No. Four Bonny Eagle (9-Three-2)

A3: No. 7 Marshwood (7-5-Three) at No. 2 Gorham (10-2-2), 5 p.m.

A4: No. 6 Falmouth (9-Three-Three) at No. Three Cheverus (12-2), Three p.m.

Class B

B1: No. 9 Grey-New Gloucester (9-6) at No. 1 Cape Elizabeth (14-Zero), 5 p.m.

B2: No. 5 Freeport (Eight-Four-2) at No. Four Yarmouth (9-5), Four p.m.

B3: No. 10 Greely (7-7-1) at No. 2 Oak Hill (12-2)

B4: No. 11 Lake Area (6-7-2) at No. Three York (10-Three-1)

Class C

C1: No. 9 Sacopee Valley (9-6) at No. 1 Monmouth Acad. (13-1)

C2: No. 5 Corridor-Dale (10-Four) at No. Four Maranacook (9-2-Three)

C3: No. 7 Winthrop (10-Four-1) at No. 2 Traip Acad. (13-1)

C4: No. 6 Mt. Abram (10-Four-1) at No. Three Lisbon (10-Three-1)

Class D

D1: No. Eight Hyde (5-9-1) at No. 1 Richmond (10-Three-1)

D2: No. 5 Buckfield (Eight-5-1) at No. Four Temple Acad. (11-2-1)

D4: No. 6 Searsport (6-Eight) at No. Three Greenville (11-2-1), Three p.m.



Regional Finals

Wednesday, Oct. 2

At Thomas School, Waterville

Class A

A7: No. 1 Skowhegan (16-Zero) vs. No. 2 Mt. Blue (11-Three-2), Three p.m.

Class B

B7: No. 1 Gardiner (15-1) vs. No. Three Winslow (14-2), 7 p.m.

Class C

C7: No. 1 Winthrop (15-1) vs. No. 2 Dexter (12-Four), 5 p.m.


Regional Finals

Wednesday, Oct. 24

At Biddeford

Class A

A7: No. 1 Biddeford (15-Zero-1) vs. No. 2 Westbrook (14-1-1), 7 p.m.

Class B

B7: No. 1 York (12-Three-1) vs. No. Three Freeport (13-2-1), Three p.m.

Class C

C7: No. 1 Mountain Valley (13-Three) vs. No. 2 Spruce Mountain (10-5-1), 5 p.m.



Friday, Oct. 19

Class C

No. Three Woodland (13-2) Three, No. 6 Jonesport-Beals Zero

Saturday, Oct. 20

Class B

No. 2 Yarmouth Three, No. 7 Greely Zero

No. Three Brewer Three, No. 6 Wells 2

No. Four York Four, No. 5 Gardiner Three

Class C

No. 1 Calais Three, No. Eight Bucksport 1

No. 2 Washington Acad. Three, No. 7 George Stevens Acad. Zero

No. Four North Yarmouth Acad. Three, No. 5 Narraguagus 1

Monday, Oct. 22

Class B

No. Eight Kennebunk (6-Eight) at No. 1 Cape Elizabeth (13-1), 5 p.m.


Wednesday, Oct. 24

Class B

No. Four York (10-5) vs. Cape Elizabeth-Kennebunk winner

No. Three Brewer (13-2) at No. 2 Yarmouth (13-2), 6 p.m.

Class C

No. Four North Yarmouth Acad. (10-5) at No. 1 Calais (14-1), Four p.m.

No. Three Woodland (13-2) at No. 2 Washington Acad. (12-Three)

Harness racing


Tuesday Starters, 5 p.m.

FIRST, Tempo, $2,700

1. Actual Yankee, Ma Athearn

2. Bear King, Ga Mosher

Three. Nowhining Bluechip, Br Ranger

Four. Wilson Frost, Mc Sowers

5. Actual Bigg, Sh Thayer

6. Magical Alex, An Harrington

7. Gaelic Thunder, St Wilson

Eight. Hay You Hellion, Da Deslandes

SECOND, Trot, $Three,500

1. Carbon Footprint, Ga Mosher

2. J-S For Justice, Jo Beckwith

Three. Kaladar, Da Deslandes

Four. Daring Recent, Aa Corridor

5. Dony Andreas, Ma Athearn

6. Beer League, Ma Harris

THIRD, Tempo, $Three,100

1. Everlasting Ring, Br Ranger

2. The Wizsell Of Odz, Ga Mosher

Three. Camtizzy, Da Deslandes

Four. Daydreamer Jo, Jo Beckwith

5. Nuclearccino, Aa Corridor

6. Woman Spartacus, An Harrington

FOURTH, Tempo, $Three,700

1. Golden Tree, Br Ranger

2. Falcon’s Luke, Mc Sowers

Three. Artzuma, Ma Athearn

Four. Roll Again, Jo Beckwith

5. Paris Beau, Sh Thayer

6. Regal Delight, An Harrington

7. Splendid Bid, St Wilson

FIFTH, Tempo, $2,900

1. Pay The Do’s, Jo Beckwith

2. Sports Delight, Da Deslandes

Three. L Climate B, St Mason

Four. Fortunate Michael, St Wilson

5. Iloveroses, Br Ranger

6. Critique, Mi Downey

7. Gold Star Roger, Mc Sowers

SIXTH, Tempo, $Three,100

1. Roderick, St Wilson

2. Burl Hanover, Aa Corridor

Three. Malek Hanover, Mc Sowers

Four. Waltzacrossthewire, Br Ranger

5. Skippy, An Harrington

6. Okay D Overdrive, Ga Mosher

7. Intrepid Corridor, Sh Thayer

Eight. Chasen Cancun, Ma Athearn

SEVENTH, Tempo, $2,700

1. American Fighter, Da Deslandes

2. Sweetchildofmine, An Harrington

Three. Dancers Move, Ma Athearn

Four. Putnams Legacy, Br Ranger

5. Vicky Killean, Jo Beckwith

6. Wellthereyougo, Aa Corridor

7. Southwind Rex, Sh Thayer

Eight. Max Mike And Ggb, Ga Mosher

EIGHTH, Tempo, $2,700

1. Luv A Lot Hanover, Br Ranger

2. Rock Child Rock, Ga Mosher

Three. Yankee Peach, St Wilson

Four. Esteemed Members, Aa Corridor

5. Fifty Spender, An Harrington

6. Hurrikaneeilishlyn, Ti Hudson

7. She’sallfinn, Da Deslandes

Eight. Brave, Sh Thayer

NINTH, Tempo, $Four,200

1. Bullseye, Ga Mosher

2. Metropolis Of The Yr, Mi Downey

Three. Roddy’s Nor’easter, Aa Corridor

Four. Three Day Forecast, Ma Athearn

5. Pembroke Scorpio, Br Ranger

6. Bo Grasp, Sh Thayer

7. Mc Rusty, Da Deslandes

TENTH, Tempo, $Three,100

1. Terem Up Louie, Mc Sowers

2. Fall Bliss, Mi Downey

Three. Northview Punter N, Ma Athearn

Four. Aint No Mo, Ru Lanpher III

5. Huge Pink, Ga Mosher

6. Jk Allnitelong, Sh Thayer

7. Tom And Stan, Br Ranger

Eight. American Flight, An Harrington



Brandon Boulware

Brandon Boulware of Bangor recorded his first profession hole-in-one on the 118-yard seventh gap at Traditions Golf Membership on Monday. He used an Eight-iron for the ace which was witnessed by Shawn Bloodsworth.

MSGA weekend occasion

At Samoset Resort GC

Gross Flight 1: Craig Chapman 70, Casey Catell 72, John Hayes IV 72, Chris King 75, Joe Alvarez 76, Zack Luce 76; Internet 1: Eric Andreasen 68, Vance Grey 71, Paul Adler 72, Dan Dalfonso 72, David Gonyar 72; Gross Flight 2: Austin Brackett 77, Jamie Boutin 84, David Verrier 85, Michael Harnden 87, Justin Conant 88, Greg Palmacci 88, Tad Woolsey 88; Internet 2: Mark Cloutier 70, Luke Bourassa 72, Scott Laberge 73, Kelly Boynton 74, Nicholas Curit 75, Andrew Rogers 75, Justin Stewart 75; Gross Seniors: Zibby Puleio 77, Doug Self 82, Dan Bellemare 83, Mike Doucette 83, Richard Campbell 85; Internet: Larry Spires 69, Ken Sawtelle 71, William McGuire 73, Jack Leclair 74, Jim Raye 74; Workforce Gross: Kelly Cates, Craig Chapman, Gary Caiani, Vance Pearson 65; Zack Luce, Tony Polito, Chris King, Greg Palmacci 66; Seth Woodcock, Vance Grey, Joe Alvarez, Casey Catell 66; Internet: Paul Adler, Thomas Cloutier, Gregory Murray, Eric Andreasen 56; Jon Hardy, Ricky Jones, Jim Raye, Jamie Boutin 60; Tad Woolsey, John Zappia, Jocko Emerson, Austin Brackett 60; Gross skins Friday: No. Four Joe Hamilton Three; No. 5 Sean Farnsworth 2; No. 7 Vance Grey 2; No. 17 Craig Chapman Three: Internet Friday: No. 6 William McGuire 2; No. 15 William McGuire 2; No. 16 Ken Sawtelle 2; Gross Skins Saturday: No. 12 Jim Raye Three; No. 16 Dan Dalfonso Three; Internet Skins Saturday: No. 1 Tim Scott 2; No. 7 Ken Belcher 1; No. 15 Luke Bourassa 2 Friday pins: No. Three Robert Rudy 2-1; No. 5 Zibby Puleio 5-2; No. 7 Vance Grey 2-Eight; No. 11 John Zappia 1-7; No. 13 Chris Rhoades Eight-2; Saturday pins: Saturday: No. Three Mike Bonzagni 10-9; No. 5 Justin Irish 7-5; No. 7 Andy Cloutier 1-10; No. 11 Mark Boivin 1-2; No. 13 Kelly Boynton Eight-2