Webaverse Launches Moemate: The Future of Personalized Interactive AI

Moemate brings your characters to life

Screenshot of a user chatting with their Moemate character. They ask for a selfie and their character sends an image that reflects their description.

Moemate characters can generate selfies based on custom image models

The main character selection screen lists many of the available characters, their profile photo and a brief description.

Choose from hundreds of characters on Moemate or create your own!

Webaverse is proud to introduce Moemate, the most advanced AI Studio that brings immersive, interactive characters to life

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 25, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Webaverse is proud to introduce Moemate, the most advanced AI Studio that brings immersive, interactive characters to life.

Moemate offers:

– Unparalleled Personalization: Craft AI chatbots tailored to individual tastes, from fictional characters to AI doppelgängers.

– 3D Animated Models: Breathe life into your characters with animations and spoken conversations in 100+ languages.

– Skill Integration: Moemate isn’t just a chatbot. With an open platform for “skills”, it can automate emails, play games, and more.

Diverse AI Models & Freedom of Expression:

While others aim for a universal AI, Moemate celebrates individuality. Choose from a vast selection of AI models without censorship constraints. moemate offers 8 premium LLM models including GPT4 and Claude v2 along with 30+ image and multiple voice models.

More Than Just Chatting:

Moemate’s current features include web search, screen perception, image and selfie generation, voice cloning and custom image model training. Users can even make a clone of themselves using personal selfies, enhancing the AI connection.

Privacy First:

Webaverse prioritizes user privacy. No central data collection, and all data transmitted to a third-party is anonymized. The ultimate goal? A fully local Moemate app on all devices.

Extendability & The Future:

Moemate is ever-evolving. With a range of advanced skills soon to be launched, the possibilities are endless. Webaverse envisions AI chatbots like Moemate becoming integral in daily life, democratizing AI access with a personal touch.

For more information, visit https://moemate.io.

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